Joseph and Maia eye up Europe


While covering X Factor for 3 News I’ve been exposed to a variety of new acts who have made guest appearances on the show.

One of those acts is Joseph & Maia.

The Mount Maunganui duo signed a three-album deal with Sony and their first five-track EP Roll Up Your Sleeves, was released in April.

I was such a fan of their appearance on X Factor, I decided I’d find out a bit more about them.


Cassie Henderson interview

The X Factor NZ_July 8 2013_Cassie Henderson_Melanie Blatt

Despite being booted off The X Factor NZ last night, there is a world of opportunities ahead for Cassie Henderson.

The exhausted 14-year-old spoke to 3 News this morning about her experience on the show.

She talked about the difficulty of dealing with online criticism and shares her advice for other young hopefuls who are keen to get on The X Factor stage.

Watch the video for the full interview.