VIDEO: Shortland Street returns on Monday

Love hurts in Ferndale when Shortland Street 2015 returns with a special hour-long episode.

Last year’s cliffhanger left a number of questions unanswered. One of which was, will Chris finally leave Ferndale after witnessing Rachel with another man?

Three weeks have passed and Chris makes a surprise return to Ferndale. However, he’s still unaware of the identity of Rachel’s new man. Although he knows she has one.

“Chris believes this mystery man to be no match for him. However this will not stop him resorting to dirty tricks to get him out of Rachel’s life,” says Michael Galvin.

Things intensify when Chris begins to suspect that Garrett is the mystery man and corners him to find out the truth. Will Rachel and Garrett’s secret finally be exposed?


Shorty Street farewells a favourite

Frankie goes to Hollywood.

Shortland Street’s Frankie Adams is leaving Ferndale for Hollywood.

The popular soap star told the Herald on Sunday she will be filming her last scene this Friday, just one day before she takes to the boxing ring for KFC’s Fight for Life.

Adams has played Ula Levi for the last four years.

“I will be leaving the show but I am not allowed to talk about it because I will still be on screen until February,” she told the Herald on Sunday.

There is no word on how Ula will depart Ferndale or if she will be able to return.

New face for Shorty Street

Josh McKenzie

Talented actor Josh McKenzie plays the newest addition to Shortland Street Hospital, Nate Clark.

In 2011, McKenzie received an AFTA for Most Outstanding Film Debut for his performance in The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell. And this year, McKenzie has five different shows under his belt (Power Rangers, Go Girls, Girl vs Boy, Nothing Trivial, and of course Shortland Street).

McKenzie’s onscreen character, Nate, is Chris Warner’s new executive assistant. We’ve yet to find out much about his past, but he puts a few noses out of joint when he snaps up the PA job, where he’ll be put to the test by more than one character as they fight to get their own way.

Shortland Street: Weeknights, 7pm