Rugby World Cup

TOP 12: Most watched events on NZ TV

1. RWC 2011 Final (NZ v France) 23/10/2011 TV1,TV3,Sky & Maori TV 2,036,900

Ratings for RWC Final

Ratings for NZ vs France:

Almost 2 million watched last nights All Blacks game

The RWC semi-final was watched by 1.9 million viewers across the country last night according to the official agency ...

TV ONE unleashes live prime-time rugby show

TV ONE’s warming up for the business end of the RWC by unleashing a live prime time rugby show on Friday nights. ...

Video: RWC Titles, graphics and theme music

Check out the official IRB Rugby World Cup 2011 opening sequence, graphics package and specially composed theme music. ...

Video: Rugby World Cup madness spreads to Ferndale

The makers of Shortland Street have gone the extra mile to make sure the show stays up to date with all the latest ...

RWC Video: Alcohol, large crowds and live news

Question: What do you get when you mix alcohol, large crowds and live news? Answer:

Guide: Tonight’s Rugby World Cup coverage

Here is a rundown of tonight's Rugby World Cup coverage. If you see any funny live TV moments, send an email or ...