Jono and Ben to swap jobs with Duncan Garner

RadioLIVE Drive host Duncan Garner has set a challenge to Jono and Ben from The Rock’s Drive Home to step-up to ...

TV Stars Have Own Saturday Morning Radio Show on The Hits

Much loved kiwi stars, Toni Street and Sam Wallace, will be the hosts of a new entertainment radio show on The Hits. ...

Blooper Watch: Rugby player suffers two bulging dicks in one day!

Sounds painful!

Awkward ZB: Host and director not quite getting along…live on air

[audio:] Audio via: Newstalk

AUDIO: BBC Radio 4 delivers again…this time it’s a strong Welsh accent

I heard this in the middle of the night last night and thought I'd share it with you. What an accent! ...

AUDIO: BBC host gets awkward after mention of DRUGS by Debbie Harry

Listen as the host on BBC Radio 4 gets uncomfortable when Debbie Harry and Chris Stein mention ...

AUDIO: How many dudes you know got the skill to read the weather like this?

[audio:] Taken from Radio New Zealand

AUDIO: Awkward ZB and the caller who fell asleep

Ever been on hold with an organisation and felt like falling asleep? What if that organisation was a live radio ...