Surprise candidate in Ferndale electorate

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Here are some ideas to replace Home and Away on TV3. What are your

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After seeing NRL's new "inside the minds" voice over technique online, I couldn't help but parody

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I really like the new TV commercials for the New Zealand Herald. One small problem though. In

Parody: Where to next for reality TV in NZ?

We've had The GC and soon we will have The Ridges. What could be next for New Zealand? Send in your suggestions ...

VIDEO: Awesome song about New Zealand from @OoshMultimedia

Parody of 'Young, Wild and Free' by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, ft. Bruno Mars.

Video: Deirdre tells Gail of timeslot change

Fans of UK soap Coronation Street have called for the Prime Minister to intervene in TVNZ's decision to move the show ...