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Blooper Watch: Rugby player suffers two bulging dicks in one day!

Sounds painful!

Tony Veitch Signed to NZME

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) has great pleasure in announcing a long term agreement with Tony Veitch to ...

Awkward ZB: Host and director not quite getting along…live on air

[audio:] Audio via: Newstalk

AUDIO: NewsBurp ZB – Yes there was a live burp during the news this morning

Here's the audio from Newstalk ZB this

AUDIO: Awkward ZB and Tony Veitch’s wood for the Warriors

During sports chat with Larry Williams and Elliott Smith on Newstalk ZB, Tony Veitch had an interesting ...

AUDIO: Awkward ZB and the caller who fell asleep

Ever been on hold with an organisation and felt like falling asleep? What if that organisation was a live radio ...

AUDIO: New news sting for Newstalk ZB

Check out the new top of the hour news sting for Newstalk

Marcus Lush heads to ZB as Kerre moves to daytime (We’ll miss you from nights Kerre)

NMZE. has confirmed they have signed talented multi-media broadcaster Marcus Lush. In what is being dubbed the ...