Trackside to leave Freeview

Trackside TV, the horse racing channel is moving off Freeview to become exclusive to SKY TV.

Trackside say they are moving to SKY to “enable the format and content of both Trackside and TAB TV to be enhanced for increased viewer entertainment.”

Read more of Trackside’s statement below:

Why is Trackside moving to SKY?
To enable the format and content of both Trackside and TAB TV to be enhanced for increased viewer entertainment. This will be achieved by splitting our content across two different channels, which can only be done by moving to a single platform like SKY, and will lessen duplication and allow for new content including magazine-style features, extended pre and post-race coverage for feature events, and additional races.

Why can’t you move both channels to Freeview?
When we move to SKY we will be able to start differentiating our two channels. The additional revenue received from this will enable us to invest in our programming and take on board the feedback customers have been giving us for many years. If we remain on Freeview we will not be able to make these investments.

The Melbourne Cup and a range of New Zealand’s premier racing events will still be freely available on the Prime channel and free racing is available via Watch&Bet Racing on for TAB account customers who have a PC, iPhone or iPad.

Will any racing content be broadcast on Freeview after the change?
Yes 15 key races will still be available for free viewing. The Melbourne Cup and a range of New Zealand’s premier racing events will still also be available via Freeview on the Prime channel, including the New Zealand Trotting Cup, New Zealand Galloping Cup, Wellington Cup, Karaka Million, Waikato Sprint, Auckland Cup, Harness Jewels and the Great Northern Steeplechase.

Will the channels be the same as they are now or will changes be made to content?
From 1 August 2014 Trackside and TAB TV will be re-launched on SKY as Trackside 1 and Trackside 2. Both channels will showcase an exciting new content including magazine-style features, extended pre and post-race coverage for feature events, and additional races which are not currently broadcast on television. The intention that New Zealand racing will mainly be on Trackside 1 alongside major Australian meetings and other Australian and International racing on Trackside 2.

How do I take up the SKY offer?
Full details of the offer is available at To sign up for the offer contact SKY on 0800 96 96 96 and quote offer number 4107. Customers must sign up for the offer before 30 November 2014.

I already have a SKY package, am I eligible for the special offer?
Only if you currently watch Trackside on Freeview using a second TV that is not connected to the SKY decoder. In this case you would be eligible for a special multiroom offer. The offer is free installation and your first 3 months rental is free*.

*Standard domestic installs only. After 3 months, Multiroom costs an extra $25 per month. The Multiroom decoder is a digital (not My SKY) decoder and must be in the same home as the primary decoder.

What if I don’t want to sign up for SKY?
After 13 April 2014 Trackside will no longer be available on Freeview. If you don’t want to sign up for SKY you will still be able to watch Trackside live streaming using Watch&Bet Racing via using your PC, iPhone or iPad.

What happens if I take out the offer but do not want to pay for SKY after 31 December 2014?
Customers are under no obligation to re-subscribe to SKY once the special offer period expires. Customers will need to contact SKY prior to the end of the special promotional period.

How much will the SKY racing package cost after the free offer period?
After 31 December 2014 the SKY TV package will cost the standard rate for the digital decoder rental package, this is currently $18.70 per month.

What if I want to take up the free offer and upgrade to a more comprehensive SKY package?
You can choose SKY Basic and a special discount of $18.86 will be deducted from their monthly bill through to 31 December 2014. SKY Basic currently costs $46.92 per month.

Can I get a MY SKY decoder?
The MY SKY decoder is only available with SKY Basic. TAB customers will get a discount of $18.86 per month deducted from their bill through until 31 December 2014 if they upgrade to SKY basic (current cost $46.92 per month).

Can I upgrade to a multiroom SKY package?
Yes, TAB customers who are currently watching Trackside Freeview using a second TV. The special offer is free installation and your first 3 months rental is free. Multiroom currently costs $25 per month.

If I sign up for the offer when will my SKY dish and decoder be installed?
When you call SKY using the dedicated 0800 96 96 96 number and quote offer 4107 they will book an installation date and time with you.

Will TAB teletext be available on both channels on SKY?

Yes. From 14 April 2014 both Trackside and TAB TV will continue to carry teletext on the channels. However teletext is not available on MY SKY. Betting odds are always available on, via TAB mobile and in store.

What about existing Telstra customers?
Telstra customers will still be able to access the two racing channels.

What about existing Igloo customers?
Currently Trackside is not available through Igloo as it is currently a free to air channel. From 14 April 2014 Trackside will no longer be a free to air channel and will only be available on SKY and via Watch&Bet Racing on

Christchurch Freeview frequencies change today

Freeview viewers may need to retune their TV or set-top box when the broadcast frequencies change in the Christchurch region on Tuesday 24 July.

The changes only affect Freeview terrestrial viewers who receive signals from the Sugarloaf transmitter. They will not affect Sky subscribers, analogue TV viewers, TelstraClear cable TV or Freeview satellite TV viewers.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Radio Spectrum Policy and Planning Manager Len Starling said: “Affected viewers will see a message pop up on their TV screens this week, prompting them to retune when the frequencies change. Retuning can be done simply using the remote control.”

“Those who watch Freeview TV and share an aerial with others, such as in an apartment building or retirement village, should contact their property manager for advice on whether their installation requires any modification.”

Managers of apartments, hotels or motels are advised to talk to an installer prior to the frequencies being changed, to see if any technical adjustments are needed.

The channel frequencies are changing to ensure that New Zealand’s radio spectrum is freed up for other uses and emerging technologies.


1. Switch on your Freeview TV or set-top box and press ‘menu’ on the remote control. Select the ‘setup’ or ‘installation’ option.

2. Select ‘full retuning’, ‘digital auto tuning’ or similar (some equipment may require you to select ‘first time installation’, ‘factory reset’ or ‘default settings’).

3. Your existing frequencies will be deleted and automatically replaced. This may take a few minutes and your equipment may shut down and restart.

4. Check that you can receive all of your normal Freeview channels.

Helpful advice on retuning is also available on the Ministry website, . Alternatively, people can call the Radio Spectrum Management free helpline on 0508 336 633 if they have any problems retuning their TV or set-top box.

Choice TV added to SKY and Freeview satellite

Choice TV is to be added to Freeview satellite and SKY TV.

Read Choice TV’s statement below:


We’re pleased to announce that from 2nd July Choice TV will be available on Freeview Satellite (DTH) to 100% of New Zealand, on Channel 12.

Choice TV is currently available on Channel 12 on Freeview HD (by UHF aerial). It is available to all households with either a Freeview box or a Freeview capable TV in those areas of the country that are covered by Kordia and JDA transmitters. It is also available on Tivo and TelstraClear Cable in Wellington, Kapiti Coast and Christchurch.


Choice TV is also now available to viewers on TelstraClear Cable’s T-Box pay (SKY) package in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch, on Channel 78.

And from 1st September, Choice TV will be available as part of SKY’s basic package on Channel 78.