Awkward ZB

Audio: Awkward ZB is back – and it has some cocks

Thanks to the ZB listener for sending this in to me today. There's loads more Awkward ZB right ...

Awkward ZB: Host and director not quite getting along…live on air

[audio:] Audio via: Newstalk

AUDIO: NewsBurp ZB – Yes there was a live burp during the news this morning

Here's the audio from Newstalk ZB this

AUDIO: Awkward ZB and Tony Veitch’s wood for the Warriors

During sports chat with Larry Williams and Elliott Smith on Newstalk ZB, Tony Veitch had an interesting ...

AUDIO: Awkward ZB and the caller who fell asleep

Ever been on hold with an organisation and felt like falling asleep? What if that organisation was a live radio ...

AWKWARD ZB: One of the many reasons we love Kerre McIvor

I wouldn't usually post something like this, but Kerre McIvor's awesomeness just has to be

Awkward ZB: Kerre vs John Banks biggest fan

An entertaining exchange between Kerre McIvor and a John Banks fan Warning. Contains bad

Awkward ZB: Tim takes it in the backside

Check out this clip from Newstalk ZB. Good to hear that Tim Roxborough knew where this clip would end ...