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  1. Hi Dan, I work for Mediaworks Radio in Rotorua and do a breaky show each Saturday 6-10am on More FM, I am wanting to do a peice for fun- “The weeks Mucking Word Fuddle Up” and am wondering If I can please use audio from your site? Ill credit my source, but would only like to use content from our network across TV and Radio. Please get back to me!

  2. The popular TV3 show Wipeout, is moving. TVNZ have secured the rights and will air the new season starting from Saturday January 21st, at 6.30pm on 2.

  3. I recently saw a clip on tele (Breakfast on ONE).. And it showed Lucas De Jong during the rwc2011, he was doing a live interview thing in wellington and the girl grabs the mic? Have you got that video anywhere by any chance?

  4. Greg Boyd weather blooper, Tues 29 Nov 2011 about 11pm, from ONE New Tonight, dealt with it quite well LOL! Just saw it live.

  5. Hi, Just looked up your post on you tube for the new SoHo channel coming to sky, do you know who sings the theme song for the clip you posted?