SHOCKING Pictures of a deserted Coronation Street set

Fans of the hit soap Coronation Street will be SHOCKED TO THE CORE after leaked photos of the show’s previous set in Manchester appeared online.

One hardcore Coro-fan Dan News spoke to was almost lost for words.

“Well take me to the Kabin and call me Ken Barlow” they said as tears dripped down their face looking at the photos.

The street was used as the set of the show until recently when it moved to a full HD friendly building in a different location, but to fans that’s not the point.

“It’s like Mike Baldwin has taken over and let the place rot. If we had our Deirdre she wouldn’t have this” another fan added.

Check out how the set looked when DAN NEWS toured it two hears ago:

This is how the set looks now:

(Pictures via ‘The Manc’)