X105 song ‘Porirua Gurls’ goes viral and worldwide

A parody song based on hit song performed by pop icons Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg has taken off in its own right.

‘Porirua Gurls’, written and performed by X105 radio announcers Gary Pointon and Jono Manks (aka ‘Manksy’), highlights some the greatest things about Porirua City and its surrounding suburbs and is based on #1 hit song ‘California Gurls’.

Initially released via www.x105fm.com, the song has found its way on to websites such as Youtube where it is being watched by thousands every day. Due to an overwhelming amount of requests for the song, a music video has also been made and was released on the 9th of July.

Within a week of its release the video for the song has reached over 5000 views on Youtube alone.

Manksy and Gary are hosts on X105’s breakfast programme ‘Manksy In The Morning’ and found that the concept and lyrics came together quite easily, “We were just talking about how there are always these songs about California and New York but never places in New Zealand, Porirua seemed to fit quite nicely.” Says Pointon.

Manksy points out that while the song is called ‘Porirua Gurls’ there’s a bit more to it “We wanted to highlight what is positive about the area, it’s also a tongue In cheek ode to a place where many of our listeners live, so far it has been taken in the spirit intended.”

– X105

Stolen: The Baby Kahu Story to screen on TV3

Written by Tim Balme (Outrageous Fortune, The Almighty Johnsons, Brown Brothers), Stolen: The Baby Kahu Story, screening on Wednesday, July 28th at 8:30pm on 3, tells the griping true story of the 2002 kidnapping of baby Kahu Durie.

No missing persons case in recent New Zealand history gripped the nation more than the kidnapping of baby Kahu Durie. The adopted daughter of Maori High Court Judge, Justice Eddie Durie, and prominent lawyer, Donna Hall, Baby Kahu was snatched at gunpoint, sparking a massive police manhunt.

The nine days that follow the kidnapping were a gut-wrenching, agonising time for the family, and for the New Zealand public, as they watch, gripped by brave television appeals for the baby’s safe return.

Meanwhile, kidnapper Terence Traynor ruthlessly carried out what he believed was the perfect crime – a crime five years in the planning.

Following Donna Hall’s emotional public plea, a letter arrived containing polaroids of the baby, and a ransom demand for three million dollars – the biggest in New Zealand history.

“Stolen is going to be a reminder for a lot of people who were present and saw the TV coverage,” explains George Henare who portrays Eddie Durie in the telefeature.

Out of the public eye, the police, led by Detective Inspector Stuart Wildon, worked tirelessly, carrying out reconstructions of the crime and following up every possible lead – including hoax calls that claimed the baby was dead.

“It will be intriguing for viewers to go behind the scenes of the police investigation, and very moving to see the family’s experience,” Henare continues.

Slowly, but surely, the net closed on Traynor, eventually focusing on a secluded house in a small country town.

As Donna and Eddie, their extended family – and the New Zealand public – waited and hoped, Wildon and his team knew that one wrong step could have had devastating consequences.

Now, seven years later, director Britta Johnstone (Outrageous Fortune, Go Girls), is retelling this emotional story. Make sure not to miss it when Stolen: The Baby Kahu Story screens on Wednesday, July 28th at 8:30pm on 3.

– TV3

Cameron Bennett to leave TVNZ

Respected Sunday presenter and long-time foreign correspondent, Cameron Bennett, is leaving TVNZ after 24 years.

He will continue on air until the end of August.

Cameron’s departure arises from format changes to the Sunday programme, which provided him with a natural opening to assess his personal priorities.

Cameron says he and TVNZ are parting on excellent terms: “I feel I have given a lot to TVNZ, and, in turn, the company has invested a lot in me.”

“I count it as a real privilege to have reported on some of the most defining news events and news-makers of the last quarter-century. I’ve been fortunate – it’s been a rich, incredibly rewarding career.”

TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery, says the company warmly acknowledges Cameron’s years of exemplary service as a senior journalist and foreign correspondent.

“Over the years, he has come to embody the classic virtues of a real newsman, and he has been a much-respected and well-liked colleague to us all. He leaves us with every good wish.”


Technical problems for Sunday’s 3 News

Observant news geeks may have noticed a difference in the way 3 News was presented last night.

According to Alistair Wilkinson’s Twitter page, a technical problem believed to be the main projection screen was to blame.

Wilkinson also engaged in conversations via Twitter over how the director should deal with the issues, taking suggestions from followers.

I personally liked the stand up to close the show. Something I’d like to see introduced for the 6PM promos.

Here are some images:

– Dan News