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AUDIO: How many dudes you know got the skill to read the weather like this?

[audio:] Taken from Radio New Zealand

AUDIO: Awkward ZB and the caller who fell asleep

Ever been on hold with an organisation and felt like falling asleep? What if that organisation was a live radio ...

AUDIO: John Key takes over sports news on breakfast radio

Prime Minister John Key took over the sports news on The Edge radio this morning, stealing the microphone from ...

VIDEO: What made Sacha McNeil walk off the set of Firstline?

Scandal! What made her

VIDEO: Dan News Bloopers 2014

AUDIO: Outstanding NZ news reporting makes it to the BBC (News Quiz)

This great story made it all the way to the BBC which has about 4 million listeners. That's about the same as four ...

CNN Reporter gets hit by rock live on TV

During live coverage of the Ferguson Riots, CNN Sarah Sidner is struck by a rock nearby 3 burning

3 News celebrates 25 years……and yes there are bloopers

TV3’s flagship daily news bulletin was first broadcast at 6pm on 27 November 1989, providing New Zealanders with ...