SKY won’t be screening Eurovision this year! 0

Fans of one of the world’s biggest music and television events may be left searching the internet for live streams after a decision by SKY Television not to screen the event.

In a statement to Dan News, SKY Television confirmed the decision.

Sadly, UKTV won’t be airing Eurovision this year. The UKTV programming team tries to strike the right balance of programming to suit the varied tastes of viewers, and has decided not to air Eurovision in order to bring exciting new premium drama titles such as Top of the Lake, SS-GB and Delicious to the channel.

Eurovision has been growing in popularity in New Zealand, and is a ratings winner in Australia. So much so that Australia are now allowed to enter the event.

Despite the event taking place at 7am New Zealand time, in recent years Eurovision parties have been popping up around the country.

Dan News has started a Facebook page to show broadcasters there is interest in the event in New Zealand.

If you’d like to see it on our screens, make sure you like the page here.



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