Travel Addict Podcast: MH370, Richard Quest and Cruise Ship First Timers

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Qatar Arrives in New Zealand

The long awaited Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Auckland touched down last Monday, and that kicked off a two day long sales pitch by the middle eastern airline to the New Zealand market – and fittingly it touched down on Waitangi Day.

The flight takes 17 hours and 30 minutes.

Cabin Crew with Richard Quest (C) from CNN (Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images for Qatar Airways)

Qatar are using a 777-200 Long range aircraft to cover the 14,535 kilometre journey.

While in New Zealand, Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Bakar took aim at our national carrier, claiming they were pressured by one of their shareholders, Singapore Airlines into pulling out of a passenger supply deal with Qatar Airlines.

Mr. Akbar Al Baker also said our national airline are arrogant and out of touch with the market, and that Qatar cares more about their passengers than our very own Air New Zealand.

Qatar gave away 8 return trips to anywhere on their network at a gala dinner at Auckland Museum.


But the news is all positive when it comes to Air New Zealand and its flights in and out of Queenstown.

In 2016 the airline carried over one million passengers in or out of the tourist hot spot, in 2006, that number was just 375,000.

Last year Air New Zealand became the first airline to operate scheduled flights after dark out of Queenstown, allowing for more daily flights.


The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is looking into how a cruise ship berthed at Port Timaru managed to break from its moorings and collide with another vessel.

The incident happened on February 12. Just after 3pm.

The ship involved is the Seabourn Encore and it was only launched in January of this year.

There were high winds at the time of the incident.

Meanwhile, a crewmember was killed aboard the Emerald Princess while it was berthed at Dunedin after a gas bottle exploded.

Debris from the explosion fell onto the wharf below.

Worksafe New Zealand are investigating.


And finally, a woman in the USA is claiming she was kicked off of a Spirit Airlines flight because she was showing too much cleavage.

The woman from New Orleans, who only wants to be known as Brenda said she was originally accused of being intoxicated, but cabin crew then took aim at her outfit saying it was exposing too much flesh.

Other passengers on board have backed up Brenda’s claims, but Spirit Airlines deny any of her accusations.

Via: Inside Edition


Singapore Airlines have gone on a shopping spree at Boeing!

The Airlines has placed firm orders for 20 777-9s and 19 787-10’s.

The order comes to a whopping 13.8 Billion US Dollars.

787-10 Artwork

This is on top of their current order for 30 787-10’s, five more A380-800’s and 57 of the new A350*900’s.

And it doesn’t stop there. Their budget carrier, Tiger Air has orders with Airbus for 39 A320 NEOS as well as Silk Air’s 37 737 Max 8’s.

Imagine how much the postage and packaging will be on that order.