Review: No More Dancing in the Good Room

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Review: No More Dancing in the Good Room
Performed by Chris Parker
Directed by Jo Randerson

The man next to me who was nodding off obviously did not share the same great taste of the person that dragged him to the show. Or maybe he was just tired – but how could anyone sleep through CHRIS PARKER’s contagious hyperactivity?! By the end of the show I felt as empowered as Billy Elliot when he found out he was accepted by the Royal Ballet School. “I just wanna dance the ballet!” I kept hearing in my head, and that’s pretty much the story here.

Hilarious from beginning to final bow, ‘No More Dancing in the Good Room’ is a strange, yet heartfelt autobiography of a gay kid who just wanted to dance in his mum’s precious room of prized possessions and family heirlooms.

I’m not too sure how much of a caricature Parker’s representations of his parents are. The impersonation of his mother had me choking from reminiscent laughter. Everyone knows that one friend with the ‘cool’ but strict mum who always over-accommodates when her kid’s friends are around. Including that moment when your friend is being growled at, and you’re just sitting there trying not to laugh at them. Parker portrayed his nostalgic childhood well, and as you think he couldn’t become any more dramatic, in come the symbolic and the heartwarming finale that makes you question whether this was comedy at all. Clever and thought-provoking, the show could have stood out on it’s own even if it wasn’t labeled as a part of the comedy festival.

The show was hilarious, honest, and yes, some scenes felt forced. But did that really matter? Parker’s refreshing carefree energy overshadowed any probable flaws the show may have had. Barring the sleeping beauty next to me, I wasn’t the only one snorting from laughter so much I almost spilt my drink.