New Prime series looks in to murder sentencing in NZ

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The sentencing for different crimes draws heated debate. New Zealand has become a nation fixated on “how long they get”, “who gets what” and how jail time sentences compare with each other.

Many describe sentencing as “putting a price on a victim’s life”. None draws more feeling than the sentencing for murder; it’s an emotionally explosive area and many believe a life sentence should mean life. But the often complex intricacies of sentencing means many people are in the dark about how New Zealand’s sentencing system actually works.

A three–part series, The Trouble With Murder is a thought–provoking examination of the history of sentencing in New Zealand, investigating the impact sentencing has made on people like former inmate Dr Paul Wood and what it indicates about the national psyche.

Through real life cases this series examines how the sentencing of murderers in New Zealand has changed over the years and explores how the justice system works. The Trouble With Murder is a NZ On Air Platinum Fund documentary series.

Monday 26th January, 8.30pm on Prime