In-depth look at the Emily Longley case to screen on SKY

emily longley

The tragic murder of Kiwi teenager Emily Longley and the conviction of her former boyfriend Elliot Turner is examined in British documentary Mummy’s Little Murderer, screening on Crime & Investigation Network (SKY channel 071) on Thursday 18 September at 7.30pm.

Ex-public schoolboy Turner grew up in an affluent part of Bournemouth, England, and attended an expensive private school. He surrounded himself with a group of fast-living friends who called themselves “The Firm”. Bankrolled by their parents, they spent much of their time partying in exclusive clubs.

Turner met and started going out with Emily, a pretty 17-year-old New Zealander, who had moved to the UK to study Business. Emily soon ended their relationship because of Turner’s abusive behaviour. After her murder, Turner was arrested but released, until the police took the unusual step of bugging the Turners’ house – and discovered the truth about Emily’s death.

With unprecedented access to his family and friends, the covert recordings, and interviews with Emily’s parents Mark and Caroline Longley, this compelling and emotional film tells the full story.

ONE News: Election Coverage


ONE News will air three different leaders debates in the lead up to the 2014 General Election, each hosted by Mike Hosking.

The first debate is on Thursday 28 August, live from 7.00pm to 8.00pm . This will be the first time voters will see John Key and David Cunliffe going head-to-head in a televised debate.

On Friday 5 September ONE News will host a 90 minute multi-party debate, bringing together the potential coalition partners of the major parties.

The final leaders debate is held on Wednesday 17 September, from 7.00pm to 7.30pm. This time, Key and Cunliffe are face-to-face again but in a more intimate, round table discussion.

ONE News Election Night

Mike Hosking, Toni Street, Simon Dallow and Corin Dann will be in the studio, presenting all the results as they come in. A wider team of ONE News presenters and reporters will be based with the parties in locations around the country.

Vote Compass

Vote Compass is a new and innovative voter engagement tool hosted by ONE News, which will be launched on Thursday 14 August. More information coming soon.

Jones launch Jones Junior for all those kids TV classics!


Remember leaping out of bed on Saturday mornings and scampering to the telly to join The Flintstones, The Jetsons and Hong Kong Phooey go about their cartoon capers and calamities?

Well… now JONES! is bringing your favourite childhood memories back to life with a new JONES! Junior block of retro cartoon programmes.

JONES! Junior will screen every weekend morning from 27 September at 6am, on JONES!


Meet George Jetson and his quirky family: wife Jane, son Elroy and daughter Judy. Living in the automated, push-button world of the future hasn’t made life any easier for the harried husband and

father, who gets into one comical misadventure after another!


Join The Smurfs, a village of little blue people three-apples tall who live in a medieval wood – inside mushrooms. Papa Smurf oversees the safety and happiness of the village, protecting his smurf
friends Brainy, Clumsy, Hefty, Jokey and the Smur-fette, from the wicked wizard Gargamel and his evil henchcat Azrael.


In a never-ending, globe-girdling race, the world’s

wackiest drivers compete for first place and the

title of ‘World’s Wackiest Racer.’ Dick Dastardly and

his sidekick Muttley will stop at nothing to win,

but they must compete with the lovely Penelope

Pittstop and a host of other hilariously zany driv-
ers as they speed from country to country and one

daredevil predicament to another.


Join the fun in the town of Bedrock with this fabu-
lously famous modern Stone-Age family. Mowing

the lawn with a saw-toothed dinosaur, showering

with water sprayed from a woolly mammoth’s trunk

and eating brontosaurus burgers are just everyday

events for the lovable Fred and Wilma Flintstone

and their friends Barney and Betty Rubble.


A mutating slime transforms four pet turtles into

creatures that are half-turtle, half-human – and

the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are born. Under

the training of their Ninja master friend, Splinter

(a man turned rat), the four TMNT brothers fight

crime with both the exuberance of teenagers and

the incredible skill of seasoned martial arts fight-


Mighty Mouse, the world’s favourite anthropo-
morphic super mouse, is back! Here he comes to

save the day – Mighty Mouse is on the way! When

there’s a wrong to right, Mighty Mouse will join the

fight. What a mouse! WHAT A MOUSE!


Mild-mannered Penrod Pooch works as a janitor at

police headquarters. But when evil threatens, this

calamitously clumsy canine grabs his mask and

kimono and becomes martial arts legend Hong

Kong Phooey! Lucky his loyal friend, police-cat

Spot, is always by his side to save him from his

own ineptitude. Hi-ya!


Saved from a forest fire as a cub, legendary fire

fighter Smokey The Bear is the lovable hero of this

fun-filled cartoon series, which sees Smokey and

his forest friends go from one hilarious adventure

to another.


From The Cat in the Hat to the tale of the Lorax,

these cartoons will tickle the ribs in your thorax!

The enchanting and hilarious fables of Dr. Seuss

are served up with radiant animation and lively

original songs in these four fabulous episodes.

Singapore Airlines A380 to serve Auckland


Singapore Airlines customers travelling to and from Auckland in New Zealand will be able to enjoy the luxury and comfort of the world’s largest aircraft, the Airbus A380, from 27 October 2014[1].

The 471-seat A380 will be deployed daily[2] on flight SQ285, departing Singapore at 2050hrs and arriving in Auckland at 1145hrs the following day. The return flight SQ286 will depart Auckland at 1330hrs, arriving in Singapore at 1900hrs[3]. The flights are currently operated with 278-seat Boeing 777-300ERs.

Singapore Airlines operates 12 weekly flights to Auckland, including five others that are operated with 777-200ERs. The Airline also operates daily 777-200ER services to Christchurch.

The A380 has proven exceptionally popular with customers since its inaugural flight in 2007. The aircraft is now operated to Beijing, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne (until 25 October 2014), Mumbai, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo Narita and Zurich.

[1] A380 flights to Auckland begin on 27 October 2014. A380 flights from Auckland begin on 28 October 2014.

[2] A380 services are planned on a seasonal basis, reverting to Boeing 777s during the Northern Summer operating season.

[3] Flight timings are subject to change.

Kylie talks about her career to 60 Minutes on Prime


At the NEW time of 8.30pm, Monday August 11th on Prime

Karl Stefanovic meets a woman of intelligence, beauty and at peace with her place in the world.

We know her as Kylie Minogue. Nearly thirty years ago Kylie burst onto the scene as the tough, smart girl from Ramsay St who took the knocks and dished them out, playing the part of Charlene in Neighbours. Now at 46, she’s a bona fide superstar and one of Australia’s greatest ever exports.

Today there’s still a lot of Charlene in Kylie, deep down she’s still the girl from Melbourne’s suburbia, and more than ever she’s enjoying being back in Australia. Kylie takes the time to reflect on her extraordinary life; sharing the incredible professional highs, and tough personal lows.

Date for TV3 leaders debate announced


John Campbell will moderate an hour-long debate between Leader of the National Party, John Key, and Leader of the Labour Party, David Cunliffe, on Wednesday 10 September at 8.40pm on TV3.

The Leaders Debate is part of Decision ‘14, authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the General Election from TV3’s leading news service.

Producer Keith Slater says that John Campbell is the best in the business in ensuring viewers get to see an insightful and entertaining meeting of our political leaders.

“John will step in to keep things on track, but he wants the leaders to debate real issues with each other rather than responding to series of questions from outside parties. Ten days out from the general election, this debate will be crucial in helping viewers rate the contenders and make their minds up.”

Paul Henry and a panel of experts will then dissect the key points of the debate in The Paul Henry Show.

Both the Leaders Debate and the post-analysis on The Paul Henry Show will be streamed live on

Viewers can join the discussion on Twitter with @3Politics.