In-depth look at the Emily Longley case to screen on SKY

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The tragic murder of Kiwi teenager Emily Longley and the conviction of her former boyfriend Elliot Turner is examined in British documentary Mummy’s Little Murderer, screening on Crime & Investigation Network (SKY channel 071) on Thursday 18 September at 7.30pm.

Ex-public schoolboy Turner grew up in an affluent part of Bournemouth, England, and attended an expensive private school. He surrounded himself with a group of fast-living friends who called themselves “The Firm”. Bankrolled by their parents, they spent much of their time partying in exclusive clubs.

Turner met and started going out with Emily, a pretty 17-year-old New Zealander, who had moved to the UK to study Business. Emily soon ended their relationship because of Turner’s abusive behaviour. After her murder, Turner was arrested but released, until the police took the unusual step of bugging the Turners’ house – and discovered the truth about Emily’s death.

With unprecedented access to his family and friends, the covert recordings, and interviews with Emily’s parents Mark and Caroline Longley, this compelling and emotional film tells the full story.