Satellites looking for MH370 involved in unexpected find. 0


High resolution satellite imagery being used to try and locate MH370 has revealed an unexpected object.

Internet company has been allowing users to search a database of satellite images to search for debris but last night a user from Hastings located what is believed to be New Zealand’s favourite penguin, Happy Feet.

The user who wants to remain anonymous said they contacted the website about their find.

“Maybe I was a bit out of the search zone, but when I saw that face I just knew Happy Feet was still with us” they said.

Happy Feet was thought to have been eaten by a whale shortly after being freed in the southern ocean.

A rescue mission paid for my Gareth Morgan is yet to be confirmed but John Key is understood to be keen on the idea.

The successful rescue of such a national icon would work well for the government in election year.

Happy Feet shot to fame after being rescued from a New Zealand beach with like threatening injuries.

The RNZMS Bluebird is understood to have been put on standby.



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