Helen Clark: The Road to Power starts tonight on TV3

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Wednesday, July 24th at 9:30pm

Inside New Zealand: Helen Clark is a television documentary that tells the life and political story of former New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

As first woman elect Prime Minister, Helen Clark was practiced at hitting her head against glass ceilings until they cracked. Now Helen Clark tells her story.

Interweaving period archive, intimate interview and contemporary footage following Helen Clark at her job at the United Nations, this documentary gives viewers the inside story of the woman who broke the mold, not just in her own words, but in the words of her family, old friends and colleagues, critics and political opponents.

Helen Clark’s parents and sisters reminisce about growing up in the depths of the Waikato, and reflect on the impact packing Helen off to boarding school may have had on her life.

The documentary peels back the layers on this very private public figure, to reveal the hurts, hard work and sacrifices, Helen Clark faced in her nine years in the top job.

Her story takes audiences from a farm in the Waikato, to a flash job in New York. It’s both a very Kiwi story and an extraordinary story. From humble beginnings, battling against adversity to the top job, where she eventually fell from grace, but found a happy ending with her new life at the UN.

Helen Clark will leave viewers with a greater understanding of the ambition, sacrifice and drive that it takes to become the Nation’s leader and hold onto the job for three terms.

Make sure not to miss the second part of this insightful look at the like for Helen Clark when Helen Clark: Road to Power screens on Wednesday, July 24th at 9:30pm on 3.