A special day in Parliament for Parekura today


There will be a special day in Parliament tomorrow.

MPs will devote Tuesday’s session in Parliament to a poroporoaki or tribute to Parekura Horomia, who died almost a week ago.

MPs will tell stories about Parekura including his accomplishments and exploits, as a champion for Maori, the people of Ikaroa-Rawhiti, and Kiwis everywhere.

If you are in the Wellington area tomorrow, then you are welcome to watch these speeches in the public galleries at Parliament from 2pm.

If you are unable to be there in person, then you can watch it online by clicking here.

You can also watch it on TV from 2pm on one of the following channels:

Freeview (Channel 22)
Igloo (Channel 25)
Sky (Channel 90)
Vodafone (Channel 90)

Or if you have a radio you can listen to it on AM:

Auckland AM 882 Khz
Waikato AM 1494 Khz
Bay of Plenty AM 657 Khz
Napier AM 909 Khz
Wellington AM 657 Khz
Christchurch AM 963 Khz
Dunedin AM 900 Khz
Southland AM 1314 Khz

ZM Launch New Generation App for Radio

zmappThe Radio Network launched the next generation of mobile application for radio today, with ZM’s new apps for iPhone and Android mobiles.

CEO Jane Hastings says the new app has been completely redesigned and rebuilt, featuring a custom audio player for more reliable and better quality audio.
“Our ZM listeners are glued to their mobiles and we recognised we need to make listening and connecting with ZM even easier.”

In addition to streaming the station, all of the popular online content from zmonline.com http://zmonline.com is featured on the app.

“This includes all of ZM’s popular photo galleries, podcasts, Sleeze, events, show content and of course details of what’s playing and what tracks have just aired – it’s all in there.”

The app uses location services to detect where the user is and then provides on demand weather and traffic bulletins.

“We’ve taken the relationship between radio and mobile to the next level, with a new shout out feature where listeners can record 30 seconds of audio and give us their name and call back details – it comes straight to the studio and saves waiting for a free phone line. This has never been done before.
Quick links to text and call the studio are just some of the little details that make this app a must have for every ZM listener.”

Check out ZM’s app overview and the trailer video for the app on ZM Online.