VIDEO: Shopping Channel launches in NZ, selling innuendo to Kiwi viewers

The Shopping Channel has launched in New Zealand.

The Albany based channel broadcasts on both SKY and Freeview.

Check out a small montage from tonight’s launch:




  1. ccs says:

    Maybe they’re trying to compete with Are You Being Served on One?

  2. henry.h says:

    i axualy love the channel mike puru is a natural i dont like candy lane thoe shes just natural enuf

  3. Simon says:

    Barf. There was so much going wrong with the launch it was impossible to watch! The presenters were terrible and the product range small. Oh, and gold-coated brass jewellery – come on!

  4. Gary Wills says:

    Benny Hill and Kenney Everit Should be the host of the Channel.

  5. noname says:

    not really innuendo, innuendo is actually quite clever. crudeness possibly.

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