Just in: News coverage brings Alyssa home

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A woman who watched the 6pm television news tonight recognised the woman and child who were staying with her as Skye Mason and missing toddler Alyssa Barker.

She then waited until they were asleep before calling Police to notify them at 9.15pm where the pair was. As a consequence, Alyssa will be reunited with her family shortly and 27 year-old Skye is in Police custody.

Police who attended the Swanson address say Alyssa is well and doesn’t seem to be suffering any ill-effects as a result of her 36-hour absence from her home near Kaukapakapa.

Detective Inspector Stan Brown of Waitakere Police said he and his staff were delighted to be able to return Alyssa to her family and very grateful to media for their support during what was a nervous search.

“This is one story that does not have a tragic end for a child and for that, we are very happy.”

– NZ Police