VIDEO: A look back at TVNZ7 (and a few of their bloopers)

Here is a retrospective montage looking back at the life of TVNZ 7 which closes this weekend.

(Contains a few bloopers as well!)



4 comments on “VIDEO: A look back at TVNZ7 (and a few of their bloopers)”

  1. Brent says:

    whats with all the food references in the weather

  2. Scott Higham Lee says:

    No no not that bit but as soon as you start showing the promos and stuff — there is a backgrounder from about 00:30 which I have heard before, but am racking my brains to think where.

  3. Dan News says:

    At the start of this video? It’s the TVNZ 7 ident music.

  4. Scott Higham Lee says:

    Great vid. RIP TVNZ 7.

    Hey whats that catchy music @ the start you use? Heard it before but I cant work out where. Scott.