Video: Let’s just change his voice. No one will notice 4

I wonder why Repco decided to change the voice in its TV commercial?



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  1. They may have changed it because
    a) They didn’t want to pay the original actor a “roll over” fee (has this ad been running over a year yet?)
    b) his pronunciation of “auto” is slightly garbled and sounds closer to “oughta”
    It’s a shocking job though, the re-voice sounds too “Disc-Jocky” and I can hear where they’ve grabbed a separate “oughta be” from a separate read.
    Poor repco guy.

  2. @Newsman: Both are permissible, however I’d say Dan’s original sentence was more so since Repco is a company run by a group of people, therefore ‘their TV commercial’ is probably slightly more accurate than ‘its TV commercial’.

  3. πŸ™‚

    I don’t usually bother with pointing out peoples grammar mistakes because I’m shocking with that stuff.

  4. Hey Dannews,
    you say “I wonder why Repco decided to change the voice in their TV commercial?”

    You know it should be “its” not “their”? Repco is one company.
    Somebody has to keep an eye on you as well πŸ™‚