Solid Gold makes way for ‘The Sound’


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From 1 January 2012, MediaWorks Radio will begin broadcasting a new nationwide radio station – The Sound.

The Sound will target 35 – 59 year old males with a contemporary, no-hype celebration of timeless rock from the most formative years of the target listeners’ lives. From The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac to Queen, The Eagles to David Bowie and U2, the playlist will deliver the music this audience grew up with, with less talk and more of the best music of a generation.

The Sound will broadcast on all existing Solid Gold frequencies.

Andrew Szusterman, Group Programming Director (music) MediaWorks Radio says:

“While The Sound is a completely new radio station – from the music to the presentation, style and content – we will deliver a better product than we did with Solid Gold for this demographic.

The music format of The Sound fills a gap currently in the market which appeared recently when both our competitors Hauraki and Classic Hits changed their formats to include a substantial amount of new and current music. The listeners who want primarily older music are no longer being catered for, with Classic Hits more interested in Lady Gaga than Radio Gaga and Hauraki playing more Creed than Creedence.”

The Sound will play “The Greatest Music Ever Made”, tracks that have stood the test of time. The music has been hand picked and placed, with each hour of radio crafted to create the ideal listening experience, including album tracks lifted from the vinyl of some of the biggest classic albums including Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Hotel California from The Eagles.

The Sound breakfast show will be hosted by Mark McCarron and Geoff Bryan, both huge fans of the music. The show will be music-focused with news and information every twenty minutes.

Paul Hancox, Director of National Sales for MediaWorks Radio is looking forward to the opportunity to offer clients a comprehensive portfolio of music formats that will deliver a loyal and engaged radio-listening audience. “With the addition of The Sound to our strong stable of music brands, including The Rock, MORE FM and The Breeze, we will be able to deliver an even stronger 25+ year old audience combo for our clients. With a portfolio that now stands shoulder-to-shoulder, we can offer a one-stop-shop solution for our clients wanting to reach an influential target audience.”

The Sound will offer clients the opportunity to have commercials played in any of 24 local markets or nationwide and can extend campaigns further with integrated sponsorships, website activity and promotions.




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  1. Bring back Solid Gold! This new station is ‘crappy’. ‘Coast’ is excellent and needs to go National.

  2. Lliam Warner on

    I don’t really mind The SOUND. I am 17 and I listen to The Sound in Dad’s car. A bit of a change from the music I’m in to (not in a bad way)

    Liked Solid Gold when Peter Dakin was on the night show (he was an AWESOME guy 2 listen 2) such a shame he lost both The night show and More FM AUCKLAND Morning Fix at around the same time.

    Usually into the EDGE and those other young radio stations, but like the classic music when I hear it :)

  3. Solid Gold was the best station for me. I listened to it for years. I don’t like this new one. I found it did not play music like Solid Gold at all and I have gone to The Breeze.

  4. I was at a friends house last week and they had The Sound on and were playing an obscure Neil Young track (have all his CDs) and I thought “this is cool” but then it was followed but some 80s stuff and I thought, “n’ah, I miss my Solid Gold too much for this.” I’m very happy with Coast FM because they are playing some of the tracks I wanted SG to play, The Carpenters, John Denver, Anne Murray etc. I guess I still miss SG because of all the happy times we had so for that, cheers.


    Bring back Solid Gold.
    Never heard of many of these songs and miss being able to singalong.
    Bad decision to change from Solid Gold

  6. I agree with Maree, I am 48 and love the new varity from that of Solid Gold,less chat and songs being played to end of the track are great features. I can’t think of another station who would play Gary Numan (Cars) and Dire Straits (Telegraph road – in it’s entirety) the only thing I would say is that the last few weeks during the day the diversity has dropped off a bit. Apart from that all good.

  7. What a great station. I used to listen to solid gold but there was a lot of repetition. With sound I hear most of that SG played but more importantly we here the minor tracks from some of the clessic rock albums which didn’t make the commercial playlists. I REALLY ENJOY hearing music from that ear that I have not heard before. I have gone and bought some cds as a result.

    I tell anyone who will listen about your station and get mostly good feedback when I do

    Great job keep it up the others will come around eventually.

  8. Great station,used to listen to one of the other stations but now 90% time listen to the Sound.Like the fact they play album songs in full and songs I havent heard in a long time. Thanks to the Sound.

  9. I love this station, the music is great.
    Listen to the Sound when ever I can, keep up the great work.


  11. Solid Gold was the best radio station in NZ, The Sound is such a bad replacement , the Rock’n’Roll music of the late 50’s , 60’s & right through to the 70’s was & still is the best music available today
    I’m 30 & had been listening to SG since it’s original launch in Oct of 97 (I really enjoyed the Saturday night juke box) , Since the launch of The Sound I have definately switch off & won’t be coming back until they realise their mistake & bring back Solid Gold
    I’m now listening to (Classic Hits)they are an internet only radio station & play music very similar to Solid Gold

  12. I don’t like the change. I drive a taxi on Saturday nights and Solid Gold hit the spot. It was popular with passengers of all ages and they just enjoyed Saturday night party time. People knew the songs and often sang along. Now I’ve had to try to find another station.

  13. The Sound is fantastic, we have 2 workplaces for our company around around 40 staff between the 2 ranging in age from 18 to 65 we all LOVE The Sound well done keep it up, we all sing along to it FANTASTIC!!!!

  14. The one thing I have noticed with The Sound is that we now get older songs that we haven’t heard in ages if ever on radio. All stations are guilty of playing Top 40 songs all the time, be they from 2012 or 1966 etc. Why not replace some of the songs that get replayed day after day with lesser known tracks from the albums. There’s a lot of good music out there that noone ever hears.

  15. Just found The Sound. I am not a “younger” listener – 66 years old and LOVING the new Sound. Do not listen to the young fogies. At last a Rocking and Melodic station – nearest thing to US West Coast Radio but with the best of UK sounds – brilliant format. You DJs have the best job ever -let me know if you need a relief DJ in Dunners.

  16. I love the Sound! Its great, its hard to please everyone all the time – especially oldies. But great work – awsome music and more of it = :) 26 – Female

  17. I really miss Solid Gold and I miss Macca. The Sound is soooo boring and dull. I agree with other commentators that SG was played on building sites, in butcher shops – just so many places. I have changed the station I listen too as well. I am in mourning for SG

  18. please bring back solid gold asap.i like the sound but solid gold was and still is the best.the 70’s is my era with singer songwriters.please come back solid gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I also was starting to wonder if my radio had been interfered with and I couldn’t find what i knew as solid gold. not only did it not sound the same, but I have to muck around trying to find a station that plays the music I love from the 60s and 70s.
    Not interested in this modern rubbish with their craping stuff or girly bands that sound like they are crying, leave that for the kids or those that want to be kids. leave us mature people to enjoy our music. seems fewer and fewer stations are catering for those of us that actually pay the bills. don’t listen to the young dip sticks that want to hear the modern garbage, they can listen to hundreds of other stations, get back to our good old solid gold.

  20. Sound is great. It’s Solid Gold but with a harder edge, less talk. No crappy competitions. Lovin it!

  21. I am 36. I loved Solid Gold and I was shocked to hear what has happened to it.

    I have moved to the Coast. Even though it is on AM in Dunedin and sounds like crap, it is far better than the SOUND. Grrrrrrrrrr
    I would like to know who they asked before making this change? No one on here seems to have been in the loop.

    Good Grief MediaWorks, what are you trying to do to us????????????????

    I miss Kevin Black :-(

  22. Donna Rawiri on

    I have listened to The Sound for the last couple of days and don’t see what all the griping is about. COOL SOUNZ and I’m a 64yo female!! Less chat and more music I really like. Solid Gold was an excellent station but I have no complaints about The Sound (sori all you SG diehards)

  23. I was getting tired of the Solid Gold DJ’s but not the music. I really miss the Sunday morning programs. Sadly, I wil not be turning the radio on in the shed anymore. I will switch to my Ipod. RIP.

  24. I like the musical change from Solid Old to The Sound. More Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin and less Beatles and Neil Young appeals to me. I like that I hear more obscure songs from these two bands as well, not just “Stairway” and “The Wall”. Less 60’s boring 3 chord rubbish is always a good thing. A greater range of songs from familiar bands is something I enjoy while at work. No repeat work WEEK would be a great idea too.

  25. We love ‘The Sound’,great music that we all know and can sing along too. It’s good that their is very little talking from the DJ’s. Less talk more music is awesome. Just disapponiting that the station goes silent for long periods like Solid Gold used too. Get it fixed ASAP please – Thats the only let-down.

  26. I used to hate all the long-winded crap from the old and tired DJ’s, now the only talking you hear is the news and the DJ’s telling you some history of the song. Thats what a radio station should be like instead of hearing 7 ads in a row before the next song plays. Thumbs up to The Sound.

  27. I absolutely love it and know the words to almost every song. I like that there is much less talking and more good music thats what we want at work. We have to have good sound to cater for all age groups and ‘The Sound’works for us, even the customers sing along. Perfect don’t change a thing.

  28. Why the heck did you change it. Solid Gold was unique. Have tried coast but some of the music good but some a bit old. Sorry but your new “SOUND” is crap. Why are you only catering to males 35-59 years you would have had a much wider listening base with Solid Gold surely?

  29. We apologize for the loss of Solid Gold, -and we understand that change can be tricky at times for some people.

    The facts of the matter are as follows

    a) Solid Gold was constantly being hassled via e-mails/letters about playing the same constant music (we couldn’t find any more music that were allowed to be played without breaking any copyright laws, so we could remain playing a wide spread and mix in to cater to the heavy percentage of peoples needs.

    b) Stations such as MORE FM and Classic Hits are playing a lot more Up to Date material these days and it’s taken away a lot of 70s, 80s that were once in the playlists of those particular stations more often than not.

    Give The Sound a chance, we aim to do our best to succeed, and please do check our website and participate in our music survey, it could make a difference

  30. I am really loving the sound. I am 50 and I’m able to sing along to all the songs, I don’t know why you are all moaning, its very similar to solid gold but with more variety which is great,and lots of the old music I havent heard in years but still sound awesome. Keep it up!!

  31. Typically, those who consider themselves on high dictate to the thousands, and this has happened with the demise of Solid Gold.
    There of those of us who don’t enjoy the National Programme (RNZ)and are too young, but enjoy music of the era we grew up in, as opposed to the rap crap and head-banging head-ache noise we hear mostly today.
    However to ask Solid Gold be brought back I know isn’t possible under a radio dictatorship.

  32. How disappointing to have lost Solid Gold. The new station is nowhere near as good. What twerp made this decision?

  33. two words: EPIC FAIL.
    what a crap station now! i am only 35yrs old and have been listening to 93.8 since it began!! now i listen to Coast FM as its the closest to the old school songs. you lost a heap of listeners that i know as most of our family loved it too!

  34. Sorry, I don’t like it. Yes, you’re playing some of the songs I liked from Solid Gold but too many songs I’ve never even heard before. I like what I like so I’ll be looking around for familiar music. There are too many stations out there playing this stuff. I’m 55 so Solid Gold hit the spot..8-(

  35. It’s obvious from the comments that we need BOTH SG AND The Sound. I enjoyed some of the music on SG, but didn’t like ‘the light singalong stuff’, as I think someone called it. I wanted more quality rock of the kind that was released on albums rather than singles. Now The Sound gives me that – which is great. But I’ll miss Marvin Gaye and The Animals – will anyone now play the hits from the sixties? Coast is no substitute – too repetitive. Mind you, as a 60+ female, I should refuse, on principle, to listen to a station that claims to be targeting males.

  36. AS a newcomer I have just found this station on the dial – ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! For all those who lament the demise of Solid Gold I hope this new station builds up an equally loyal following in time.