TV3 to re-screen child poverty doco

Viewers will have another chance to watch Inside New Zealand: Inside Child Poverty – A Special Report when it has a second screening this Sunday (November 27) at 1pm on TV3.

The Bryan Bruce-helmed documentary was watched by 385,900 New Zealanders* when it premiered on TV3 last night, and has generated a strong reaction. Since the Tuesday screening more than 14,600 people have watched the programme online via TV3’s On Demand service.**

The documentary has earned high praise from health professionals, including Prof Innes Asher, Senior Paediatrician at Auckland Starship Hospital, who described it as “compulsory viewing for all New Zealanders.”

The documentary saw Bruce examine almost 100 years of child welfare in New Zealand, across the political spectrum, revealed how child health in New Zealand has deteriorated in recent years, and offered solutions.

Bruce says he is delighted that the documentary was watched by so many. While he is pleased that it has helped put the issue of child wellbeing back on the agenda of most parties, Bruce says that his programme is apolitical.

“The responsibility of the State for the health of our children is a moral and ethical question,” he says. “It ought not to be a political one.”

Bruce says he wants all parties to commit now to holding cross-party talks on the issue after Saturday’s general election.

“We can’t beat child poverty with a poverty of ideas” he says. “I’d like all the political leaders to agree now to sit down and come up with a long term plan for our kids that takes it out of the political arena.”

“I encourage all voters to ask their candidates if they are willing to hold such talks, and if not why not.”

3 News iPad app number one on iTunes NZ

The 3 News – See It First iPad application has been the number one free app at the New Zealand iTunes Store since its launch a fortnight ago.

New Zealanders have been quick to take up the invitation to ‘See if First’ with over 10,000 downloads to date. More than 15,000 pages are being viewed each day, and those numbers continue to climb.

The app is a great way to get up-to-the-minute information from 3 News’ award-winning newsroom, including high quality video, and is easy to navigate and share.

As well as the latest news and video from NZ and around the world, the app has accurate weather information, video from flagship TV programmes 3 News, Firstline, Campbell Live, 60 Minutes, Nightline, Sports Tonight and The Nation, plus photo galleries, blogs and more.

MediaWorks Director of Interactive, Siobhan McKenna says: “It’s exciting to get our iPad app out there, and make it available to the audience in the lead-up to the general election, a time of high demand for news and current affairs content.

“User requirements are high for apps so Tom Jackson our Product Manager has taken the time and care to ensure we deliver the best news video experience on iPad in the market.

“Our audience is certainly telling us that they’re happy.”

3 News – See It First app (version 1.0) features:

· The latest and breaking news from, including national, world, sports, entertainment, politics, business, technology, environment, and lifestyle news.

· High quality video from 3News, Firstline, Campbell Live, 60 Minutes, Nightline, Sports Tonight and The Nation

· Photo Galleries viewable in full screen and any orientation

· Accurate weather for your region and around the country

· Blogs from the 3News resident and guest bloggers

· The ability to easily share articles with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email

· Offline browsing by downloading articles to your iPad through any wireless connection for use when you don’t have an internet connection and to save on 3G data usage

Download it now at

X Factor Blog: Astro doesn’t want to sing?

What a shock of an elimination this week on X Factor. While the final result was predicted and deserved the bottom two was certainly not expected.

Before I get into the insanity that was the results tonight I feel it’s time to address something about one of the contestants…Leroy Bell, what is it that you are doing during those group performances? How hard is it to NOT miss your cues? Every other contestant is doing it fine, but twice now you have bollocksed it up! Disappointing Leroy, disappointing!

This weeks results finally had a decent celebrity performer on it. For all the Simon Cowell is touting this show to be the ultimate competition etc etc the celebrity performers so far have been a little lacklustre. Rihanna though is fitting of such a show (and considering she A)assisted during judges houses and B)has a new album coming out soon (though that is an occurrence that happens ever couple of months with her) it was a forgone conclusion we were going to see her perform) and I enjoyed her performance of her latest single…though I am still torn over the idea of an artist just singing over their track, it seems like she’s cheating a little…

The other irksome thing this week was the order that things were presented in. What on earth was up with the awkward and rushed announcement of the first two acts to make it through. The judges weren’t on stage and everyone had a “what the hell is going on?” look on their faces. Paula had to run onto the stage to hug Lakoda Rayne who made it through (thank goodness America, finally!), then we cut to an ad break, then to Rihanna’s performance, and then to the results proper with the introduction of the categories and the judges coming out on stage with them…it seemed a little lackluster after the advanced announcement of the first two acts going through.

The bottom three this week was the most tense moment so far. Rachel, Astro and Stacy were left on stage and it was a nail biting wait for Steve to announce the last person to go through. I did panic that Rachel was going to be in the bottom two, but Astro ended up there with Stacy. While Stacy was expected, and proved her place there with her truly truly awful rendition of Amazing Grace, Astro was a real surprise and I was sorry to see him there. He is a talented performer and did not deserve to be in that position. Unfortunately his age got the better of him. I worry he has cost himself a lot of votes in the future with his immature behavior and that whole “should I even perform?” schtick. It was childish and it nearly caused Simon to vote him out over Stacy. I truly hope we never see a carry on like that again from him.

In the end though it was three against one and Stacy Francis was sent packing. She never quite found her niche on the show alas as she was talented. I appreciated her parting words. I think she went out like a lady and I thought they were well thought out (she knew she was going from the judges comments the night before so had clearly practiced).

Next week we are treated to an X Factor staple, the double elimination. So whoever polls the lowest next week is outta there, no save me song, no chance of redemption. It will be interesting to see who goes bottom 3 as it’s been hard to pick crowd favourites this season. Bring on the excitement!