3 News election special a ratings winner 3

New Zealanders voted with their remotes last night, with viewers in the key demographics choosing to watch TV3’s ‘Decision ’11’ programme over other televised election coverage.

For the first time in TV3’s history, 3 News’ election coverage was the first choice for 25-54 year olds, the target demographic for both TV3 and TV One.

Presented by John Campbell and Duncan Garner, the 3 News election special was watched by 23% more 25-54 year-olds than TV One.

TV3’s coverage averaged a 9.0 rating and 27.5% share in the 25-54 demographic. In comparison, TV One’s coverage averaged a 7.3 rating and a 22. 1% share.

TV3’s election coverage was also first choice with younger viewers, dominating the 18-39 and 18-49 demographics.



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  1. I enjoyed TV3’s coverage, TVNZ’s was a little staid. It was funny to see big banners promoting TV3 in shot at each party’s election night HQ, along with giant TV screens playing TVOne! x

  2. The only thing bad about TV3s coverage was Paul Henry. I started by watching One’s coverage on the ABC (AU), but switched to TV3s coverage shortly afterwards.

  3. The only thing bad about TV3’s coverage was Patrick Gower. Luckily we didn’t have to see too much of him.