X Factor Blog: The Final 16…..or should that be 17? 0

The top 16 has been chosen…wait…did I say 16? Hrmm, something seems a little off here…

Last night Simon, Paula, Nicole and LA (finally) made their decisions on who of each of their 8 acts are progressing to the live shows and who is being sent packing. I still find the fact that we have an entire episode dedicated to this decision to be stretching the whole thing out unnecessarily. But of course it gives the producers another chance to do a whole lotta recaps, cos of course we’ve all completely forgotten anything that’s happened so far…who are all these people again?

Of course I jest. The question’s now are…what do we think? Were the right choices made? Was there any glaring omissions from the top 16 (getting to that in a minute)? If you read my ideal top 16 on Tuesday you’d figure I was, for the most part, quite happy. The over’s are exactly who I wanted, and the other categories are only one off in each on my ideal choices.

In the boys we have Brian Bradley (or Astro as I think we are going to have to get used to hearing him get called), Phillip Lomax, Marcus Canty and Chris Rene. While I picked Brennin over Chris on Tuesday I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Chris was going through. He’s not bad, but I wouldn’t be fussed if he went home early on in the competition. I think it’s a good mix in the boys though, 4 quite different performers there so I think we’ll get a nice variety each week. Favourites for me are Brian and Phillip.

The groups is where my one real gripe lies. 3 out of 4 I picked and am happy with. Lakoda Rayne, with work I think could be really good, and I’m a sucker for a pop-country girl group. The Stereo Hoggz I think made the best case in the “R&B 4/5 piece” subset there (better than 4Sure!) and as already mentioned…I love InTENsity! But, The Brewer Boys? Seriously? THE BREWER BOYS?! They were crap when they performed for Paula and Pharrell…maybe Paula really is insane. Vote them off America, vote them off asap!

In the overs we have everyone I wanted through. Well done Nicole, you did something right. Give the woman a cookie! We’ll get to hear a lot more diva-like show boating from Stacey Francis, and drown in a deluge of tears every time one of judges says something critical; says something nice; says something ambiguous; …coughs…scratches their nose…etc. Josh Krajcik and Leroy Bell are both great singers and I’m looking forward to some great performances from them. Especially Josh, I would be surprised if he doesn’t make it to the latter stages of the competition. I’d also be surprised if Dexter Haygood does. He certainly is the wildcard choice of the whole competition. I find him to be an entertaining novelty but I hope he doesn’t progress too far and push better singers out of the running.

And then we get to Simon’s four girls…except we don’t…we get to Simon’s five girls. It seems the tense scene we were shown where Simon reveals he’s saying no to someone who we’ll all be surprised about was a bit of a ruse. We learn his first four choices, being Tiah Tolliver, Simone Battle, Rachel Crow and Drew Ryniewicz…a selection I’m ok with. I adore Rachel, I love Drew. Tiah and Simone will surely prove to be entertaining during the live shows, but I am disappointed that Tora Woloshin went home as I’ve been a fan of her ever since her first audition. The big “surprise” initially was that Melanie Amaro….the Melanie Amaro that gave us a run of auditions that blew us away with her vocal talent…was sent home! Simon Cowell what are you doing?!? But Simon clearly had the same thought as confesses following the selection process that he’s made a mistake…and flies to Melanie’s house and tells her she’s through! And so Simon has put through 5 girls to the live shows giving us a grand total of 17. Seems a little off considering the judges are all competing against each other as Simon effectively has an unfair advantage now to win. But oh well, as long as we get to hear Melanie sing some more then I’m happy.

Live shows start next week and we can finally get down to the real meat of the competition. What does everyone else think of this selection? Alas we don’t get to vote and have any influence on the results, but who do you want to see win? Who are you annoyed not to be seeing go through? Let me know in the comments below!

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