PRIME secures ground-breaking documentary Targeting Bin Laden

Prime will screen the highly- anticipated documentary film Targeting Bin Laden detailing the USA’s audacious plan to seek and destroy Osama Bin Laden, and featuring President Barack Obama’s first documentary interview on the subject at 8.30pm on Wednesday 7th September, just hours after its international debut.

Rigorously researched, Targeting Bin Laden takes viewers inside this critical effort. In addition to President Obama, interviewees include National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon; White House Chief Counter-Terrorism Advisor, John O. Brennan; Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications; former CIA Director, Gen. Michael Vincent Hayden; former CIA Deputy Director of Counter-Terrorism, members of Congress, policy experts and others.

Targeting Bin Laden brings the complex operation to life with a full-scale reconstruction of the CIA surveillance operation in Pakistan and the raid itself.

Prime Channel Manager Kathy Wright said the channel was delighted to have secured this fascinating documentary from the Emmy-award winning Nutopia and to be able to screen it to New Zealand audiences in such a timely manner.

“It is an important documentation of one of the most significant recent historical events, and we know our viewers will find the combination of exclusive interviews, original sources and dramatic reconstructions fascinating.” She said.

Produced by Nutopia, the mould-breaking documentary and reality production company founded by former BBC2 Controller and Discovery US President Jane Root, and commissioned by Julian Hobbs and Susan Werbe at HISTORY and Hamish Mykura at Channel 4, Targeting Bin Laden will be broadcast in the run up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, airing in the US on HISTORY on 6th September. Entitled Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill in the UK, the docudrama will air on Channel 4 on 7th September.

Targeting Bin Laden is executive produced by Jane Root, directed by Bruce Goodison and produced by Phil Craig, producer of numerous award winning documentaries and docu-dramas covering a vast range of subjects as well as six films about America’s secret war with Al Qaeda, including the Emmy-nominated Flight That Fought Back. Field producers: Christina Bavetta (The Flight That Fought Back), Talya Tibbon.

Watch preview:

Targeting Bin Laden (History Channel Trailer) from Nutopia on Vimeo.

Targeting Bin Laden, 8.30pm, Wednesday 7 September, only on PRIME.

X Factor to screen in NZ within hours of US broadcast

It’s the biggest talent quest ever to hit television screens and Kiwi viewers will be among the first in the world to see it.

The X-Factor USA premieres in America on Wednesday 21 September and Simon Cowell’s highly anticipated singing competition will screen on TV3 hot off the satellite on Thursday 22 September – as close to the US broadcast as possible. Read more

Paul Holmes to report on Erebus ‘scandal and a massive cover up’ on Sunday

TV One’s Sunday will feature a special report from Paul Holmes on the Erebus disaster.


A special report by Paul Holmes – calling for justice – once and for all – for the two pilots of the Erebus disaster.

Paul Holmes investigates what, he calls – a scandal and a massive cover up.

After years of research, Holmes has come to the conclusion the pilots were not only blameless… but that they were programmed to die.

And the daughters of Jim Collins reveal how they’ve coped with their father being blamed for 32 years.

PRODUCER – Max Adams
CAMERA – Dave Pierce, Ken Dorman, Roger Duncan
EDITOR – Will Kong

Also featuring on Sunday:


More and more girls and women are playing footy but can you imagine a day when a woman takes the field to play professional footy alongside the men?

Well here’s three women – one of them a part time model… and one of them an AFL star who – as a teenager – took Football Victoria to court for the right to play with the boys.

But not everyone agrees it’s a good idea for girls to mix it with the boys on the field.

Guest reporter Peter Fitzsimons meets three articulate and committed women hell-bent on playing the sport they love.

CORRESPONDENT – Peter Fitzsimons (Channel 7, Australia)


Josh Perry from Christchurch lives with cerebral palsy and the condition has affected his muscle tone, movement, motor skills and speech.

But his mind and love of life and sense of humour are completely unaffected.

For all of his 19 years, he’s lived with people staring at him….. but now he’s decided to make a bob out of it by becoming New Zealand’s first disabled model.

We’re on the catwalks with NZ Fashion Week’s newest star.


Sunday, 7.30 TV ONE