X Factor had everything last night. Even a love story!

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So week two of X Factor has kicked off. Episode 3 saw a brief but welcome return of Cheryl Cole (Britain’s biggest pop star apparently…now I admit, I like her, but that’s a bit of an overstatement i’d say), an eye-wateringly bad fashion choice from LA Reid, Nicole getting her audition on Whitney styles and of course the usual glut of “wtf” auditions.

The whole 1 city return of Cheryl was odd. It would have been better had they been able to show the auditions in order rather than switching back and forth between judges (also it was cruel to taunt me like that. It just made me miss her more). Still, that was the last one. We’re stuck with Nicole from now on whether I like it or not.

Tonights auditions started with Makenna and Brock. Their actual audition was quite good. They sounded great singing together. Great harmonies. The only downside was the awkward little love story that was played out on screen. Brock “secretly” loves Makenna, so as long as she doesn’t watch the show and none of the millions of people round the world who see him confess it to the camera tell her, then it’s gonna be alright. Mum’s the word people, shhhhhhh!

Cherlesia (loving some of the American names popping up) then comes on to audition…as a judge. Perhaps no one made it clear to her what was going on here. Simon didn’t really know what to say and sent her on her way telling her she was about 6 months too late. The ironic thing is this was Cheryl’s last city as a judge, so maybe he could have added Cherlesia to the panel instead of Nicole…hrmmm….maybe not.

Skyelor Anderson suffered some fortunate technical difficulties when his track cut out several seconds into his song. Luckily he just kept on singing as personally, I thought he was a damn sight better without the track. Unlike Tiah Tolliver who closed the show with an acapella audition. Girl shoulda brought along some music as she couldn’t stay in key. Simon nearly threw a tantrum when Paula and Nicole said no to her and so she tried again to sway them both and in a heart-pounding, nail bitingly tense build up, Nicole finally relents and puts her through. Let’s see how far she gets.

J. Mark Inman comes on with his dreams of “destroying the top 40”…which he just might do if ever he charted on it. His whole audition was just a little off putting, from the philosophical musings, to the dancing to the creepy look on his face as he leered at Paula. His rendition of Creep was mildly better than I expected and he got through, but I have an inkling he’ll falter at boot camp being little more than a novelty.

Best bad audition of the night goes to the Good Girlz mother/daughter duo. They reminded me a little of the Kransky Sisters, only not as good…which is worrying for an X Factor audition. I delighted in the gasps and applause when the mother said she was 70 and the awkward silence when the daughter said she was 31. Classic!

Best proper audition of the night by a long shot goes to Josh Krajcik. The shows most blatant example so far of what I will, from now on, refer to as “Boyleing”. From the moment he came on he was painted as a bogan with no style, no future (he works in a burrito restaurant), and a grade A stereotypical stage mother. We’re meant to think “but look at him, how could he possibly be good, he’s going to be TERRIBLE” ho ho ho. In classic Susan Boyle style though he blew the judges away with his performance of At Last (one of Simon’s top 5 “please don’t” audition songs). I liked him, he was down to earth and it was a great song choice for him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the live rounds.

So there we have it, episode 3 done. We still haven’t seen that many groups, and what we have seen hasn’t been earth shatteringly good. I feel sorry for the judge that gets landed with groups this time round. A group has never won in the UK in 8 seasons, but maybe I’ll be surprised yet.

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