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Sob stories and bad auditions seemed to be the first order of business on episode two of X Factor USA last night. The auditions had moved to Miami and Dallas, and whereas episode one set out to make us believe nearly everyone auditioning was a potential superstar, last night was pushing the opposite.

I gotta admit, I can’t help but suspect that some auditions tonight were planted by the producers. Some of course were just not that good. The Dreamgirlz mother and daughter duo weren’t overly awful singers, but the judges were right, they’re never gonna be record sellers, of course the notable thing about them was their over zealous family member. Clearly someone needs a course in anger management. Mum wasn’t that good dude, get over it.

Caytlinne Curtis I think deserved to be put through. The judges were right about her being more suited to a group, but considering some of the people they have put through, and the fact that on the UK version it wasn’t uncommon for Simon to take a bunch of contestants during the bootcamp stage and form them into a group…she shoulda got through.

The episode did hit a bit of a wtf moment with Ashley Dekkard and her ghost hunting schtick (which Paula understands…she sees them too don’t ya know)…not so much for her but the carry on that went after it. What was with the lights going on and off? Spooky coincidence or was it the judges terrible “what is going on?” acting that gave it away as a bit of a setup. Perhaps the apparent ghost objected to Paula’s outfit. Polka dots? It’s a no from me Paula.

Dylon Lawson who “sold his truck” to get there seemed like a bit of a producer setup to me. Maybe i’m being too optimistic but I like to believe that no one in their right mind is that insane as to sell their truck to make it all the way to an X Factor audition and do what he did. It was all a tad too contrived for my liking.

Best audition of the night, Melanie Amaro without a doubt. Girl could sing! I love the auditionees who just walk out on the stage and deliver an effortless audition like that. She didn’t falter once, and I loved her. Fingers crossed we see a lot more of that.

I was very pleased that Alexander (sorry….XANDER Alexander) didn’t get put through. Almost a shame considering he didn’t sound too bad. But what a way to start your audition. Someone’s gonna regret that later on. Paula and LA were right to say no.

Paula didn’t get on my nerves as much last night as in episode one, maybe I will give her another chance, we’ll see after next week. Nicole didn’t annoy me either…she bored me! She didn’t come across with any personality last night, bring back Cheryl. On the flipside though, as OMC once put it, I love LA! He’s awesome! Don’t you dare send him to the naughty step Simon, the man is a gift to that judging panel.

It’s safe to say I am already gripped by USA X Factor fever. I am loving it. Bring on next week!

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