Wells/Campbell/Nissen/Wallace sandwich on TV3 for Royal Wedding 0

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is almost here and TV3 will be providing comprehensive coverage of one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

On Friday 29 April, the build-up will begin with Hilary Barry reporting directly from London for Firstline (6.30-8.30am on 3). Along with European correspondents Melissa Davies and Kim Chisnell, Hilary will provide exclusive 3 News updates for the midday and 6pm bulletins, and Campbell Live.

“The Royal Wedding has sparked huge interest right around the world,” says Hilary. “In London right now there are 7000 members of the media.”

Hilary is looking forward to the pomp and ceremony, but admits that some Brits are over it, others slightly bemused by all the attention, and many Londoners have left town. “But on the whole, people are excited and a number are already camping out in the cold for the best spots!”

Hilary promises that TV3’s coverage of the event will be worth watching. “Our coverage will be fun; informative and in-depth, without being straight-laced or earnest.”

At 7.30pm, following Campbell Live, John Campbell will front the coverage leading up to the ceremony. He will be crossing live to Hilary in London, to discuss the celebrations in England and the arrival of guests for this historic event.

John will also be joined by Jeremy Wells, Louise Wallace and Wendyl Nissen for witty and informed commentary.

Jeremy leapt at the chance to cover the Royal Wedding for TV3: I always wanted to be the media meat in a Campbell/ Nissen/ Wallace sandwich. Although in this case, realistically, I’m probably more a condiment – a relish or chutney.”

Louise started preparing weeks ago: “drinking lots of English breakfast tea, cleaning my jewellery, practising my curtsies, getting my kids to call me Mummy, and waving with my fingers closed.”

Meanwhile, Wendyl will be focussed primarily on Kate’s dress and “looking out for what Camilla is wearing and whether William’s managed to cover up the bald spot adequately.”

From 10:00pm, TV3 will be screening ITV’s live, uninterrupted and commercial-free coverage of the event. ITV News Senior Correspondent James Mates will provide commentary of events from Westminster Abbey

3news.co.nz will be providing extensive Video On Demand of the Royal Wedding, as well as entertaining and informative live updates. Sunday Magazine’s “Hottest Blogger of the Year” Ally Mullord will be part of the 3news.co.nz Royal Wedding team, providing her own unique insight into the event. TV3 is also running a Facebook live chat concurrent with the Royal Wedding coverage, where viewers can speak to the TV panel, chat with other Royal Wedding watchers and share their thoughts with the rest of New Zealand.

Join TV3 as we enjoy the build up to the Royal Wedding. Live and interrupted coverage from 10pm. Find out more and join our live chat at tv3.co.nz/royalwedding.

Full TV coverage details here.



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