Video: TV3’s Firstline v Breakfast TVC


Here is TV3’s Firstlive vs Breakfast comparison promo:

What do you think of it?




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  1. how about changing the question to … “can we do this or this?” I think Sunrise proves that TV3 cannot make news / entertainment. 3 is good at delivering bullet point news which is what Firstline is. Do we want it? well we get that with CNN, Fox, Aljezeera, BBC World, online from NZherald, BBC, CNN…

    Whilst I think NZ has had a good run of news … earthquakes, libya, ANZAC and even the Royal wedding, time will tell when we don’t have major breaking news. That is when we will be seeing Kate Rodger doing a 15min review or NZ gardner showing us how to pot plants.

  2. I don’t think the comparisons are valid really, firstly the time stamps are different and also because breakfast is a lifestyle show while firstline is a ‘hardcore news’ program. I think the ads TV3 are putting out now comparing two channels are just getting out of hand, TV3 have not earned any respect from me out of these ads, in fact I have lost respect for them as a broadcaster. Good Luck to Firstline but I have a feeling people of NZ don’t want to watch repeated content for a couple of hours.

  3. I personally think its a bit out of tune … look at the time stamps… TV3 are comparing two different times with their half an hour news updates… Breakfast is a lifestyle show not just news. If you watched firstline for over a hour its just the same news repeating over and over..

  4. I think it is direct. pulls no punches. A bit how Firstline actually is compared with Breakfast, so maybe warranted. The News is a ratings and advertising based business. This reflects that I think.