TVNZ to launch 24 hour Kidzone channel on Sky

TVNZ and SKY have partnered to launch a 24 hour pre-school children’s channel on the SKY platform from 1 May called TVNZ Kidzone24.

TVNZ Kidzone24 will feature trusted educational and inspiring content for pre-school children in an advertising-free environment.

Chief Executive Rick Ellis is delighted that SKY has made it possible for TVNZ to extend the popular Kidzone programming block beyond the two hours that are available on public service channel TVNZ 7.

“Kidzone has been an increasingly popular block of programming, providing educational and entertaining content for young New Zealanders, with a significant amount of locally produced programming.

“It is fantastic that we are now able to offer a commercially-viable, expanded Kidzone channel, on the SKY platform.

John Fellet, CEO of SKY Television, is equally thrilled to have Kidzone added to SKY’s existing offerings for family viewing.

“We are delighted to be working with TVNZ to assist them build what has been a very popular segment into a dedicated channel of its own. The addition of TVNZ Kidzone24 to our range of family viewing options underlines our commitment to providing the widest selection of quality programming for all age groups,” he said.

The Kidzone24 programme schedule will be released in April and features existing favourites including Kidzone with Kayne, as well as new content with a learning focus.

The channel will be located on SKY Channel 046, within the stable of family channels and will be available as part of the SKY Basic Digital Package. Select content will also be available on iSKY.




13 comments on “TVNZ to launch 24 hour Kidzone channel on Sky”

  1. Jessica says:

    Kidzone is the best show for kids, so why only have it available on sky now? RIDICULOUS, TVNZ get your priorities right.its a fun, friendly and educational channel which is essential for NZ kids these days to have descent educational shows that help them learn and grow, my daughter absolutely loves it and is soo sad that she cant watch it anymore. Why should kids with parents whom can afford to have sky receive Kidzone 24 over kids parents that can not afford sky. Shame on you TVNZ, bring kidzone back for the kids!!!!!

  2. Pierre says:

    We are very upset at loosing Kids Zone as it was the main reason to go to Freeview and pay for the box etc as we are not fussed with the rest of the freeview channels. Our two girls are not impressed either as they both loved Kidzone. It has much more suitable content to other channels with more violent cartoon content. Sky TV already had plenty of kids content.

  3. Stefan says:

    We are lucky to have Sky and we’re stoked Kidzone is available for more than 2 hours. NZ made childrens programs are fantastic, but in short supply. While the decision to telecast on Sky has been criticized, maybe in the long term we may see more homegrown childrens shows like this one.

  4. Justin says:

    Appalled that Kidzone has gone. 6-8am, what’s the point of that? It was popular and educational, a great service to NZers, and now it’s gone to payTV. Shame!

  5. Michael says:

    Shame on you TVNZ! Think about NZ kids – they are the future, not short term profit ops!

  6. Julia says:

    With two pre-schoolers, Kidzone used to provide much needed quality entertainment to my kids. I am absolutely gutted that only those with Sky can now get it. Most families can’t afford the extra expense… Shame on you TVNZ for taking the programming to a private network.

  7. Roly says:

    Further comment and to quote Brooke Howard Smith from the Canwest TV3/4 network (who have made a great effort for kids programming on the new FOUR)… ‘Shame on you! TVNZ’

  8. Roly says:

    So basically TVNZ scrapped TVNZ6 and Kidzone so they could make some money out of it by selling the now established format to SKY the pay TV Network. But isn’t TVNZ programming (and wages) paid for by us? Shouldn’t we be getting this channel on Freeview? I agree with previous comment and break up TVNZ if this is what they are offering/NOT offering us non Sky subscribers…. What’s the point of Freeview?

  9. Fiona McLevie says:

    My toddler loved watching kidzone and the different programming.It was educational so it was great.He often asks about the programmes hoping they will be on.Now it will be on sky,I am so disappointed and so will my son.Shame on you TVNZ.

  10. Ben Hoyle says:

    This is terrible. Kidzone was so valuable and the most watched channel in our pre-school household. Freeview has nothing else to provide for them now (a useless 2 hours in the morning on TVNZ7) and what the heck is this crappy U channel – that is the worst replacement in the history of television. TVNZ wake up!

  11. Wiebe Boxem says:

    This is a disgusting move we used to have a good block of programming for our kids during the day now the channel that used to host it is shut down for 12 or more hours per day. i think its great that they wish to make it 24 hrs how ever its not a good thing to encourage your children to watch tv at 3am.
    I hope they see sense in the end and make it a shared broadcast that people on freeview can watch too

  12. kirstie lester says:

    Absolutely disgusting!  now we have to pay for our toddlers to get quality educational tv.  This has nothing to do with providing a wider selection of tv its a pprofit making venture only now available to a limited audience.  Freeview is a scam if this is what’s going to happen to its tv once people switch over.  

  13. James says:

    Typical. TVNZ seeks greater profit, rather than providing a proper service to the NZ people.

    Split up TVNZ and bring on a real public service broadcaster ASAP!!