Video: A montage of coverage as news of the quake spread around the world 3



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  1. Wow, these clips brings 22 Feb 2011 back so vividly. It’s still hard to believe that happened in NZ! Incredibly surreal even a year on. Noticable contrast in the style and mood of the various networks. Some of the Australian voiceovers were very American, the British approach more sombre and restrained. No surprises there I guess, and I do recall watching Aussie coverage in the days after the quake (10 perhaps? They sent reporters over), as it was all I could stream on my PC. They had a different take on events and seemed to be getting out into the suburbs sooner. On the day, as soon as I learned about the quake I tuned into National Radio. Later in the afternoon I caught some of Hilary Barry’s outstanding coverage on TV3. That evening we alternated between TV3 and TVNZ, and continued to do the same in the days following. Tomorrow I’ll be reflecting on that day and the year since at 12.51pm in Aotea Square. Kia kaha Christchurch, we haven’t and will never forget.