Bieber Watch: JB to feature on CSI and Letterman

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Singing teen superstar Justin Bieber is guest starring in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation when the series returns to our screens for its brand new 11th season on Monday, February 7th at 8:30pm on 3.

The singing sensation guest-stars in this week’s premiere as Jason McCann, a troubled teen who’s faced with a terrible decision about his only brother – which leads to an explosive confrontation with the CSIs, in particular, George Eads’ Nick Stokes.

“Justin was more than game,” Eads explains to Zap2It about the pop stars guest appearance. “He was into it and really excited to be here. He’s just a gifted young kid. I think he did a good job. His fans can see another side to him and see some vulnerability. I get right in his face pretty good, and he stayed right with me.”

Eads says he was able to bond with Bieber in the same way his character often bonds with younger victims.

“I think Nick has always had a way with young adults and kids, and I think that background of my character is one of the things that placed me with him,” Eads explains.

“I definitely did find a connection with Justin. He was willing to take that fame hat off for a minute and get into what we were doing.”

Executive producer Carol Mendelsohn is keeping details about Bieber’s storyline close to his chest, but she says the plan is for Bieber to return in this season’s 15th episode, which could be even more chilling than this week’s premiere.

“What you see may not be what you get,” she explains. “Justin looks very innocent, but we will see a glimmer of what Justin’s character is capable of at the end of the premiere.”

Make sure not to miss this when Justin Bieber gives his fans a different reason to scream in the return of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, screening on Monday, February 7th at 8:30pm on 3.

Bieber will also appear as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman twice over the next fortnight.

Here is the guest line up:

02/02 Musician Justin Bieber; style guru Martha Stewart
03/02 Actor Matthew Perry; musical guests The National
04/02 Actress Kate Walsh; actor/comedian Jim Gaffigan; musical guests Boxer Rebellion
07/02 Radio star Howard Stern; musical guests Naughty By Nature
08/02 A Top Ten List presented by musician Justin Bieber; musical guest Robert Plant
09/02 Actor Martin Lawrence

The Late Show with David Letterman screens late on Prime TV (usually around 11:30pm).