Video/Pics: Sydney in November 2010 0

I flew to Sydney over the weekend for a friends birthday. NZ105 there and NZ118 back, both on a 767-300ER.

The flight there was quite rough due to a weather system over the Tasman Sea.

There was a delay to the meal service and I got thrown around when I tried to quickly use the bathroom. (Fun times!)

I have to say, based on these two flights that I am not a fan of the new booking categories from Air New Zealand.

Not only are the crew confused as to who is getting a full meal service, but some passengers who haven’t made their own bookings aren’t aware either.

I was travelling with a friend who was on business and found out he had been booked on a “Seat + Bag” ticket which meant no movies/food/drinks for him.

It was rather uncomfortable sitting next to someone who is not eating when you yourself are, so I went to order a drink for him so we could have a beer together…but no, you have to wait until all the food and drink has been served to the Works passengers.

Why not allow the pre-purchase of a drink or a snack so they are served together with the meals?

I’ll also add that the standard of the food seems to have dropped considerably.

A special mention to the crew on board the flight back to Auckland. AMAZING service. One crew member got me laughing as I boarded when she said “Oh you have a fantastic seat this afternoon sir, it’s on the inside of the aircraft.”

Below are some pictures from the trip, and video of take off from Auckland with some ATC I recorded at home.



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