Preview: WANNA-BEn

Ben Boyce’s career as a pop star didn’t quite turn out as he hoped so his mother finds him another job – this time as a movie star – in this week’s WANNA-BEn, screening on Friday, October 15th at 10pm on 3, with an encore screening on Sunday, October 17th at 10:30pm on C4.

Ever since Pulp Sport finished, loveable dreadlocked rogue Ben Boyce has been out of a job and driving his mother (Ginette McDonald, Lynn of Tawa) to despair with his Playstation addiction.

Last week saw Ben trying his hand at being a pop star by employing the assistance of Mel B from the Spice Girls and new pop sensation Ke$ha.

“I tried to be a pop star and join a girl group, but selling biscuits in a dress wasn’t quite what I had in mind,” Ben explains about his failure to break into the pop world.

So with one failed career behind him, this week sees Ben trying some potential movie stars he might “wanna-be”. He tries acting like Sly Stallone, Julia Roberts and Robert Pattinson but decides that action hero Steven Seagal is the movie star for him.

Ben somehow manages to hook up an interview with Steven Segal and this week sees the wannabe quizzing the 80s action hero about what it takes to be just like him.

“I don’t want to spoil the ending but I fail miserably in my attempts at being a movie star,” says Ben, adding that the closest he will come to this dream job is as a mere movie extra: “Oliver Driver made me be an extra and then fired me from my movie role!” he explains.

Make sure not to miss when Ben picks Steven Seagal’s brain and attempts to become a movie star in WANNA-BEn, screening on Friday, October 15th at 10pm on 3.



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