Bathurst 1000: A day of high speed action on TV3 3

This week 3 proudly presents Live coverage of the biggest annual motorsport race in the Southern hemisphere. V8 Supercars: Round 10 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 screens Live from 10am on Sunday, October 10th on 3.

The race will take a 15 minute break at 6pm for a special reduced News bulletin, after which we will return Live to the race at 6:15pm.

Leading up to this annual event, we spoke to Bathurst 100 host and car enthusiast Shaun Summerfield about his love of motorsport, what Bathurst means to him, and whether he’s a Ford or a Holden man.

When and how did your love of motorsport begin?

I’ve loved cars as long as I can remember – in almost every picture of me from one-year-old on, I’m holding a steering wheel. My Dad passed on the motor-gene; he would take us to Ruapuna right throughout summer; since I can remember, the smell of Castrol-R, Av-Gas and hot gearbox oil has given me Goosebumps.

Can you tell us what Bathurst means to you?

For a long time it was all about Peter Brock. Peter Perfect was my childhood hero; he made it look so easy, so much fun. It was also about the cars that looked a lot like everyday machines, competing in this incredibly gruelling event. Back then along with the Fords and Holdens, there were Toyotas, Nissans, BMW’s and my favourites – the Jaguar XJS’s.

Then there’s the circuit. Mount Panorama is one of the greatest on the planet; it really is a Down-Under version of the Nurburgring.

Do you get into the whole Ford versus Holden thing, or are you more interested in supporting individual drivers?

I love cars, but in all honesty Motorsport is about the drivers. Although I reckon the Ford vs. Holden thing adds a whole other dimension – a sort of tribal affiliation to fall back on should your driver not perform.

So, without sounding too PC: There are seven Kiwi’s racing at Bathurst this year, that’s where my support goes first of all. I’d love Murph to win, but also would be over the moon if either of our young guns topped the podium.

Make sure to join Shaun with Andy Booth and Mark Pedersen for what once again promises to be a day full of excitement and drama when the V8 SUPERCARS: ROUND 10 SUPERCHEAP AUTO BATHURST 1000 screens Live from 10am on 10am on Sunday, October 10th on 3.



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  1. We missed laps 141-148 for a news break. Didn’t see the prize giving. (Somehow repeats of the Simpsons is more popular) And we had to suffer through regular gaps in the coverage to listen to three part time ramblers who apparently do a better job than Crompton and Co. Why couldn’t we have full coverage followed by News at 7.15pm? I hate TV3. Bring on high speed broadband so we can watch quality coverage online without TV3

  2. Petrolheads have to suffer through countless other sports, let us have our one day without it being ruined by ill-timed adbreaks, channel jumping and poor picture quality. TV3 wouldn’t do it to any other sport, so why do it to motorsport??? TV3 made a mess of it last year, hope they don’t repeat their mistakes this year…