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As the volcanic hot spot beneath the city begins to stir, Auckland faces a massive natural disaster in TV3’s Eruption, screening during Get Ready Week 2010 on Wednesday, October 13th at 8:30pm on 3.

Featuring a cast of some of New Zealand’s top actors, including Mark Mitchinson (Tracker, Show of Hands), Nicola Kawana (Shortland Street, Legend of the Seeker), Anapela Polataivao (Once Were Samoans), and Te Kohe Tuhaka (Shortland Street), Eruption is the latest major undertaking by Wellington production company The Gibson Group, who made TV3’s award-winning telefeature Aftershock.

While Aftershock followed the fortunes of Wellington residents in the week after a catastrophic earthquake, Eruption follows several Auckland families in the days leading up to a volcanic eruption.

Against a backdrop of impressive special effects, the tightly-directed drama follows residents who have much bigger personal problems than a volcano in their back garden.

“You can’t choose when you will have a crisis,” explains scriptwriter Graeme Tetley, “and it’s just bad luck if you have one when there is a volcano arriving on what was supposed to be your big day.”

As the volcano bursts to the surface, each of Eruption’s characters must now make a decision – stay or go? Is it already too late to run?

Eruption’s scenario is based upon scientific reasoning that at any time, a new volcano could be created from the hot spot that sits 100km beneath Auckland.

While today’s scientists don’t expect that an eruption will happen on their watch, the fact is Auckland’s volcanic field is relatively young, with the last eruption producing the iconic Rangitoto only 600 years-ago.

So how would Aucklanders react to the threat of such a massive natural disaster? Find out when Eruption screens on Wednesday, October 13th at 8:30pm on 3.



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  1. Jesus Christ. If the shots above are anything to go by, Eruption looks like it’s going to be a film with the cheesiest, most obviously-fake amateur-night “effects” ever!

    Then again, when you have phrases like “top actor” and “Shortland Street” in the same sentence, one’s expectations can’t afford to go too high.