Mcleod’s Daughters premiere’s on Vibe

Relive all of the heart stopping action, laughter and deep emotion with the women of Drover’s Run, right from the very first episode.

Following her father’s death, fiercely independent and courageous Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell) is forced to share ownership of the property with her long-estranged half sister, Tess (Bridie Carter), a city girl hell bent on changing the world.

They have what we all have when the chips are really down – the capacity to be heroes.

Their lives are hard and the obstacles many, but the rewards are every bit as grand as the wild open land they’ve inherited.

VIBE – Weeknights from Monday 9 August, 5.20pm (omnibus Saturdays from 14 August, 6am)

New Skins cast revealed (I feel like I’ve written that before)

E4 has announced the line up for Skins season five.

Over 7000 people auditioned for the hit TV show which changes its cast every two seasons.

“More people than ever turned up this year for the open auditions in London and Bristol and the standard of young talent was as high as ever. It was a huge process but incredibly rewarding and we hope that the auditionees had as much fun as we did.

“We are really excited about the talent that has come through and we now have a brilliant cast of actors helping to create the exciting new characters for Skins series five.” said John Griffin, Skins executive producer.

The stars are, from left to right, Alexander Arnold, Dakota Blue Richards, Sean Teale, Sebastian De Souza, Will Merrick, Laya Lewis, Freya Mavor and Jessica Sula.

TVNZ responds to opposition ratings claims

TVNZ’s News & Current Affairs Public Relations Manager, Andi Brotherston has this afternoon responded to a recent press release issued by rival network TV3.

In a statement, Brotherston said that even though TVNZ are sometimes accused of bullying TV3, she wanted readers to judge for themselves whether TV3 does in fact ‘dominate’ and has a ‘stronghold’ as TV3 News boss Mark Jennings claims.

Brotherston said in an effort to make the statistics digestible and transparent they issue the data in numbers rather than share percentages and talk in terms of ‘total number of viewers’ rather than narrow target demographics which makes them easier to understand.

The TV3 claims are outlined below (with actual numbers added in bold):

3 News maintains its stronghold over the 18-49 demographic year on year beating One News with a 29.7% share (or 206,100 viewers) compared to their 29.1% share (or 202,000 viewers).

Continuing to dominate the Auckland market, 3 News also maintains its lead year on year in the 18-49 Auckland Urban demographic, with a 27.6% share (or 58,400 viewers), compared to One News on a 22.6% share (or 47,800 viewers).

3 News is also winning in the all important One News demographic of 25-54 Auckland Urban – with a 26.5% share (or 58,000 viewers), compared to their 23.8% share (or 52,100 viewers).

Andi Brotherston responded with the following comments:

It is very hard to justify the claim that Auckland urban is an ALL IMPORTANT demograph when you can’t actually buy an Auckland-urban advertising spot.

You can see from the actual number of viewers that TV3 doesn’t ‘dominate’ the Auckland market in 18-49 or 25-54, in fact we are neck and neck. In terms of total audience in Auckland, ONE News had a 34.5% share (or 150,700 viewers) compared to 3 News’ 20% share (or 88,100 viewers) watching per evening in July.

It is true to say that in July, 3 News had a slightly better share of the urban Auckland audience than ONE News. It is also true to say the ONE News had a significantly better share of the OUTSIDE of Auckland-urban audience than 3 News.

Three million people – and by far the largest number of viewers – live OUTSIDE of Auckland-urban.

For the record, ONE News had a 44.9% share (514,400) compared to 3 News’ 25.1% share (287,100) of viewers outside of Auckland-urban watching every evening in July, on average.

In July, 665,110 viewers watched ONE News every night on average compared to 375,190 viewers who watched 3 News.

– Dan News

Shortland Street back on UK TV screens

Shortland Street will again be screened in the UK.

Cable channel “Living” have announced the popular Kiwi soap will start screening at 3pm from August 23.

The channel will start screening episodes from 2007 when Adam Rickitt joined the programme as Kieran Mitchell.

“Viewers can learn what has kept TV fans in New Zealand hooked for 18 years, as some of the most exciting episodes reintroduce the intense and emotional show to British audiences.” Living TV said in a statement.

Shortland Street previously screened on ITV until 2003.

Rickitt has returned to the UK to launch a pop career.

– Dan News

Was it Robin or David? Laws and Karam face off in radio special

RadioLIVE host Michael Laws faces off with Joe Karam, campaigner for acquitted murder accused David Bain in a special two-hour LIVE-in-studio debate this Friday, August 6 on RadioLIVE from 9am.

It is the most discussed and debated murder trial in New Zealand’s history…Was it Robin or David?

Laws and Karam will debate the verdict of New Zealand’s foremost murder mystery – after Laws accepted a challenge from Joe Karam to talk through the evidence.

On 5 June 2009, David Bain was acquitted on all charges at his retrial for the murders. Following the Bryan Bruce documentary The Investigator Special: The Case against Robin Bain the talkback lines ran hot with furious debate when Karam called Laws during his daytime radio show on RadioLIVE.

Laws is up for the challenge. The debate takes place LIVE with both men in RadioLIVE’s main studio in Auckland.

Brent Impey, broadcast lawyer and ex-CEO Mediaworks, will adjudicate the debate.

Station Manager Mitch Harris says: “This is the murder verdict that just won’t sleep and is still the object of intense speculation. We felt framing the debate in these terms could help narrow and clarify the discussions that continue.”

RadioLIVE listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions of the debaters via phone, text and online at

Listen on air or listen or watch online at