Blooper: TVNZ’s live stream F bomb 36

Viewers of TVNZ’s live stream from the Birdcage in Central Auckland were exposed to a bit more than a slow moving building this afternoon.

Things became really entertaining when TVNZ’s Ruth Wynn-Williams started warming up for her One News at 4.30 live cross.

“Oh ****, Um” she said just moments after Dan News started monitoring the stream.

Wynn-Williams continued, calling herself ‘Bobbette the Builder” in reference to her construction site outfit.

Once news of the online entertainment spread, One News’ Rawdon Christie tweeted @dannews saying “Pure unadulterated reality TV. Next time we’ll put a profligate swearer there to spice it up.”

Almost two minutes in to the video the reporter appears to be informed that her actions have been streamed live on the internet.

“Have I said something bad?” she asks.

Fantastic viewing One News and Ruth Wynn-Williams!

Watch below:



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  1. HA ha… u can feel the realness… pity she has to report news normally… this adlib is way more interesting. nice on Wynn- Williams

  2. Funny! Great to see behind the scenes.Wonder what they were saying to her… bet they were havn a laugh! Cute vid. Not bad at all.

  3. Brilliant, this chick is freakin hilarious and by far the hottest reporter on TV. She should totes have her own show! RUTH.O

  4. Boom! She is hot. Is this really that much of a drama? My favourite part is “you can what my microphone??”

  5. Sharon for someone who has known Ruth for over 20 years I can tell you that you could not be more wrong questioning her intelligence on the basis of a YouTube clip! You should find something else to do as a hobby, talkback radio seems to have alot of people calling up to complain about their lives.

    Why don’t you give it a shot and leave this site to people that own a sense of humour

  6. Come on Sharon .. lighten up.. Ruth was having a good laugh!! I have friends who work at TVNZ who tell me Ruth is very intelligent …. so lighten up and stop hating!

  7. Anyone who didn’t get the sarcasm behind her ‘flirting’ with Rawdon – clearly your sense of humour bypass surgery was successful. This is hilarious – possibly the funniest thing One News has churned out in ages.

  8. She seems pretty dumb. And what about her suck-up flirting with Rawdon? She’s the kind of ditsy airhead who thinks the news is all about them, just like Janet Wilson warned us about.

  9. She is great! One news needs to give her a wee segment of pre reporting reporting each week. 
    People love seeing behind the scenes. Ruth Wyn-Williams, One Newsa.

  10. New favorite reporter for One News!!!! She is wonderful does anyone know where she trained? I hope to see a lot more from her soon. Entertaining too!!! Top notch.

  11. hahahahhaha i couldn’t help but chuckle throughout this entire clip, this is gold! I love it a reporter i can relate to!!! Good job Ruthie!! 😀

  12. Awesome reporter!

    I reckon they should let her take it a step further by doing some personal replies to peoples comments like the Old Spice Commercial did. More Ruth please…

  13. Ruth is fantastic !!!! Lovely to see a reporter who is actually having fun !!! And hang on a minute she’s blond, and has a personality !!! wahhoooo!!!

  14. I love this reporter.

    Would like to see more of her? Where have TVNZ been hiding all these talented personable reporters all this time?

    Great stuff.

  15. She is gooooorgeous… and quite entertaining for a One news reporter. They should have her voice over all their live feeds, a bit of personality quite good to see.

  16. Heh, reporter seems to think it’s a live cross or a ptc… did anyone tell her it was a live stream?