Blooper: TVNZ’s live stream F bomb

Viewers of TVNZ’s live stream from the Birdcage in Central Auckland were exposed to a bit more than a slow moving building this afternoon.

Things became really entertaining when TVNZ’s Ruth Wynn-Williams started warming up for her One News at 4.30 live cross.

“Oh ****, Um” she said just moments after Dan News started monitoring the stream.

Wynn-Williams continued, calling herself ‘Bobbette the Builder” in reference to her construction site outfit.

Once news of the online entertainment spread, One News’ Rawdon Christie tweeted @dannews saying “Pure unadulterated reality TV. Next time we’ll put a profligate swearer there to spice it up.”

Almost two minutes in to the video the reporter appears to be informed that her actions have been streamed live on the internet.

“Have I said something bad?” she asks.

Fantastic viewing One News and Ruth Wynn-Williams!

Watch below:



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