Glee cast join Oprah on TV3 Friday night

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Leading up to the highly anticipated return of Glee, this week TV3 is screening a very special Oprah special. Featuring the Glee cast, Glee On Oprah screens on Friday, May 28th at 8:30pm on 3.

To celebrate the return of Glee, the cast of the hit series are hitting the Oprah stage! Oprah will be joined by Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison and creator Ryan Murphy for behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and a performance.

Not only is the Glee cast making this very special Oprah appearance, but in the lead up to the highly anticipated return of the series, Glee villain Jane Lynch, who portrays Sue Sylvester on the series, recently spoke to TV Guide Magazine about what fans can expect of the upcoming episodes.

According to Lynch, this time around Sue Sylvester will take her antics to the next level. Lynch explains that Sue’s plans are getting more devious, including sexual blackmail.

“She can do anything she wants now,” Lynch tells TV Guide Magazine. “Sue Sylvester cannot be stopped. She’s got Figgins in her pocket now because she blackmailed him. Sexual blackmail. You should be scared for him.”

“She’s been knocked down a few times so she comes roaring back. [Co-executive producer] Ian Brennan created Sue Sylvester and just pushes her to the most delicious extremes. I go really far.”

As well as this, Lynch says fans should brace themselves for a possible romance with Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and duet with four-time Grammy award winner Olivia Newton-John.

“Neil Patrick Harris comes back as an ex-glee clubber who has given up music and is very resentful that he didn’t become a very big star, so he sets out to destroy the glee club like me, so I’m happy to see it done,” Lynch explains about the How I Met Your Mother star’s appearance.

As for Olivia Newton-John, Lynch says that it all starts when a video of Sue performing jazzercise routines gets on YouTube.

“Olivia Newton-John sees it … calls her and says, ‘Look, I made a fool out of myself doing my ‘Physical’ video back in 1980… So let’s redeem ourselves and remake the ‘Physical’ video and make it better than before for a new generation of kids.’ So we remake the “Physical” video!”

Want to know other juicy details about the upcoming Glee season? Make sure to tune into Glee On Oprah for behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, a performance, Glee scoops, breakups, shake-ups and more! Glee On Oprah screens on Friday, May 28th at 8:30pm on 3.