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Mike McRoberts is right at the centre of the action in Bangkok and his Twitter feed is a popular thread for New Zealanders, with over 500 people signing up to follow him yesterday.

As Thai government troops move in on red shirt protesters, Mike’s tweet (www.twitter.com/mrmikemcroberts) is keeping Kiwis up to date with the news from live at the scene.

McRoberts, who only started tweeting a week ago says although he still feels very much a novice, he’s been impressed with what a knowledgeable, informed and questioning community it is.

“Information is key and when the Thai army assault on the red shirts base started to unfold in front of me I started tweeting,” he says.  “To be honest it was a great add on to what I’d normally do, and I found myself encapsulating what was going on which helped in reporting my story.”

Mike couldn’t see the feedback so had no idea so many people were following him.

“At one point during some heavy gunfire a mate texted to me to say he was following my tweet which was bizarre,” he comments.

Mike has been genuinely humbled by the messages of support he has received too since he landed in Bangkok on Tuesday.

“When I did get to read the feedback I was thrilled so many people had found the tweets interesting and informing, and touched by how many were concerned for my safety.”

Mike’s blog is also proving incredibly popular as Kiwis head to it to learn more about the terrible situation as it unfolds in Thailand.



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