Web Blooper: Body finds body 5

Taken from Stuff.co.nz
Thanks to the anonymous person who sent this to me.



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  1. Someone amuses me every time they post a comment on here or throng…
    you are in a different world, my friend…

  2. What about the clip of the Aussie news chick laughing at the dead guy in the wheelchair that is also online? I didn’t see anyone else calling that tasteless…

  3. Technically it’s only posted as a blooper, which is defined as just an embarrassing mistake, and doesn’t have to be funny. And it is embarrassing for Stuff. So I don’t see how it’s tasteless.

  4. I guess the same could be said for any news story though. They all invlove real people and often sad events.

  5. I find this to be completely tasteless. Some bloopers are really funny but this is just too much. A lot of people are out there grieving. It would have been far better to pass this on to stuff and see this quiety tidied up.

    And if anonymous can send you the link then I can hopefully comment the same way.