New TV3 morning line up announced. Is it what you want?


The new morning line up for TV3 has been announced.

6:30am: Campbell Live
7am: Magnum, P.I.
8am: Frasier
8:30am: Everybody Loves Raymond

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  1. Sunrise from 7 would be great. They could air Campbell Live and infomercials or the morning news 7 plays prior to sunrise before Sunrise plays on air. It would help stop views from changing to breakfast and could also take some away from the later Good Morning show.

    7’s sunrise is top quality and I believe its number one over there. I remember when channel 9’s The Today show played on prime. That was much better than what TVNZ and TV3 could produce.

  2. “Bring Back Sesame Street!!!!”

    What a great idea. I remember watching it on 3 when I was a kid.

  3. So they’ve replaced Sunrise with their old Saturday morning lineup from a couple of months back. How imaginative. 

  4. none of the above, TV3, if they do this wrong are really going to loose people for the morning viewing, i know sunrise was struggling against TVNZ.

    But at least it was local …. why not look at doing something right outside the box and get out amongst kiwis as they start there day :)