Aspen can’t wait to join Good Morning team

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Hollywood insider Nelson Aspen is joining TVNZ’s Good Morning.

Speaking from Los Angeles, Aspen told Dan News how excited he is to be joining the Good Morning team.

“I love dishing up celebrity news with friendly folks and, as a morning person, I’m especially pleased to know my kiwi friends are starting their day with me”.

Nelson Aspen has been reporting celebrity news since the early 90’s. His first assignment was for a UK breakfast show where he covered “Fitness for Pets with Betty White” he recalls.

Now that he reports for Australian and New Zealand audiences, he doesn’t miss having to stay up all night to report for British television, and being on early in New Zealand means he can break stories that have developed overnight.

He takes his job seriously, pointing out that there is a difference between gossip and celebrity news.

“I don’t get off on the misery of others, as so many ‘gossips’ do.  There are plenty of showbiz stories to report that are interesting and fun without having to crawl through the tabloid mud. Those kinds of pundits don’t generally have long careers. Karma catches up with them eventually.”

Aspen is yet to visit New Zealand, but said that he would love the opportunity. “I’ve never met a Kiwi I haven’t liked. And I’ve never met a NZ Sauvignon Blanc I haven’t liked, either!”

Nelson Aspen starts on Good Morning on March 17.

– Dan News