Australian Gladiators tonight on Prime

Returning tonight is one of the competition’s highest scoring female challengers Kim Papp. In her heat, fire officer Kim careered through the Gauntlet; crossed the Hit and Run bridge three times; surprised Destiny by beating her; and sped up the Wall leaving Nitro in her wake. After amassing so many points, she went into the Eliminator with a time advantage and built on her lead for a substantial win – how will she do this time around?

On the other hand, her challenger, Jacquie Watson from Sydney, wasn’t as competitive against the Gladiators. Amazon beat her easily on Duel; Olympia outran her on Vertigo; Viper wouldn’t let her pass on Pyramid; but she managed to dodge balls on Hit and Run. Despite her two-second disadvantage, Jacquie overtook her rival to win by two seconds in the Eliminator – how will she stand up against the Gladiators this time?

Joseph Mckay from Victoria became another notch on Thunder’s belt with an easy knockdown on Duel but managed to beat Scar to the finish ring on Vertigo. He couldn’t get past Kouta on Pyramid and ducked and weaved the demolition balls of Hit and Run – will he make the final cut this week?

His challenger, Lincoln Burns from Victoria, failed to score in the Gauntlet; couldn’t dodge the balls on Hit and Run; Thunder proved too much of an obstacle on Sumoball; and he out-climbed Hunter on the Wall. With an event start on the Eliminator, he bolted ahead for the win – will he be so lucky this time?

Who will go on to become the two overall winners of the series (one male and one female) sharing in $100,000 and two All Wheel Drive Subaru Foresters?

AUSTRALIAN GLADIATORS, Wednesday 17th February 7.30pm

Jade Goody series to screen on Documentary Channel

Love her or hate her, Jade Goody was impossible to ignore.

She was a dental nurse who shot to fame in the UK series of Big Brother 3, but the show that made Jade nearly caused her downfall.

JADE, a documentary series which follows the girl from Bermondsey as she is now: single mother, business woman and cancer victim.

News of Jade’s diagnosis broke while the show was in production. No stranger to living in the public eye, this documentary shows the woman behind the magazine covers.

Goody’s hectic home life and her relationship with her sons is examined, as well as her new business venture: a military style fitness boot camp. The girl who trained for the London marathon by eating curry, Chinese and drinking will have to road test the course herself.

When filming with Jade Goody for the fly on the wall documentary, what started as an insight into the life of one of the UK’s best loved faces quickly turned into something no one could have predicted with Jade’s shock cervical cancer diagnosis. Viewers shared Jade’s pain as she bravely went on camera to give us the devastating full story of her illness.

The series sees Jade invite viewers into her life, and gives people the chance to see the drastic changes she has had to make as she came to terms with her disease, undergoing a hysterectomy, and embarking on cancer treatment.

Despite her illness, Jade’s resilience shines through as she meets with Bishop Jonathan Blake to discuss her wedding ceremony and partakes in a typically girly hen night with her loyal bridesmaids at home. In addition, the series follows the groom as he and his friends try on their wedding suits and indulge in a stag night and cameras accompany her devoted mum Jackiey to Harrods to pick out the perfect outfit for mother of the bride.

From a group tooth whitening session with her bridesmaids to a private helicopter transfer from her house to the hotel, Jade lets nothing stand in the way of her big day! The lovebirds originally planned to tie the knot in Jade’s garden – they even put up the marquee – but as the terms of Jack’s curfew were relaxed by Justice Secretary Jack Straw for their wedding day, the happy couple were able to hold their big day at the stunning 14th Century Down Hall Country House in Hertfordshire.

The cameras follow Jade as she, despite being in crippling pain, walks down the aisle with her grandfather John Caddock to the emotive sounds of Canon in D by Pachelbel.

In addition, the programme also includes the moving ceremony from start to finish including the signing of the register by the new Mr and Mrs Tweed. Jade’s spirit refuses to be dampened by her illness and her famous sense of humour and fun shine through with some classic Jade comic moments that remind us all why she is so unique and loved.

Lauded and lambasted in equal measure, Jade Goody is still a fascinating example of celebrity and one of the most discussed reality TV stars of the past decade. That alone makes this one to watch.

JADE: DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Mondays from 22 February, 9.30pm

First Person Fired From The Apprentice New Zealand

Kim Laurenson is the first contestant to be fired by ‘The Boss’ Terry Serepisos in the New Zealand version of The Apprentice.

Laurenson stepped up to project manage Team Athena in the first challenge of the series, in which the contestants were tasked with devising a strategy to raise the most money from a sausage sizzle, situated in central Auckland.

The boys team, Number 8 won the challenge, sending Team Athena to the boardroom, where Laurenson and team mates Catherine Livingston and Kirsty Parkhill were placed in the line of fire.

Laurenson was charged with not taking leadership of the team, letting them fall into disarray. She disagrees, saying she kept up clear communication and instruction at all times.

“I worked accordingly to the girls, and communicated with them very openly…every time I sought instruction from them to see how they were feeling and if they knew what their job was, I was told ‘yes’.”

However team mates Livingston and Parkhill successfully fought their case and Laurenson was fired, for what Serepisos cites as her in inability to follow through on the task.

For more information on The Apprentice New Zealand visit

The Apprentice New Zealand continues on Tuesdays 7.30pm, TV2, where the remaining 13 contestants compete to become the apprentice to Wellington businessman Terry Serepisos, with a salary package worth $200,000.

The remaining contestants are:
David Wyatt (Auckland), Paul Natac (Auckland), Thomas Ben (Auckland), Chris Whiteside (Christchurch), Daniel Phillips (Auckland), Lee Davis (Christchurch), Richard Henry (Auckland), Karen Reid (Auckland), Linda Slade (Christchurch), Catherine Livingston (Auckland), Nicky Clarke (Auckland), Meena Chhagen (Wellington) and Kirsty Parkhill (Wellington).

John Key’s doodle auction closes at 7:30PM tonight.

The auction for the Prime Minister’s drawing of an alternative NZ Flag is up over $10,000 and closes tonight at 7:30pm on Trade Me.

There have been more than 125,000 views of the auction item since it was listed just over a week ago and more than 180 bids.

The auction came about after Prime Minister, John Key was asked to draw his version of an alternative NZ Flag by Pippa Wetzell on TVNZ’s Breakfast programme last week. By the time the programme went off-air at 9am last Monday morning, TVNZ had received many pledges of money for the A4 sized doodle.

Mr Key gave his consent for the drawing to be auctioned for charity so it was listed on Trade Me with all proceeds to go to Cure Kids.

Breakfast reporter, Matty McLean has since listed his own doodle of an alternative NZ Flag in a tongue-in-cheek effort to try and raise more money for Cure Kids than the Prime Minister. Matty’s auction closes tomorrow morning and is currently sitting at just over $330.


2010 Winter Olympics live from Vancouver on Prime

PRIME is proud to bring viewers unprecedented free-to-air coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics LIVE from Vancouver, Canada.

Catch all the winter sport action as it happens from 5:30am each day, Saturday 13th February – Monday 1st March.

PRIME will be covering all your favourite winter sports, from ski jumping, luge and ice hockey to speed and figure skating – including following our New Zealand Olympic Team who will do their best to do us proud!

PRIME will also feature a special edition of The Crowd Goes Wild at 9.30pm each night during the Winter Olympics, except for Sunday 14th Feb when it will screen at 9pm, starting with the Opening Ceremony highlights.

James McOnie finally has formal media accreditation, so for once will be allowed access to competing athletes for interviews and not having to masquerade as a waiter to get into press conferences. But the question on everyone’s lips is which of his thermal board shorts will he be wearing in the snow and what colour will he dye his hair?

Andrew Mulligan will also be joining him in Vancouver as they bring their own irreverent style to the Winter Olympics and bring you all the best highlights from the Games and perhaps even get into a bit of the action themselves – who knows what antics these boys will get up to!

Meanwhile, Mark Richardson and Hayley Holt will keep things balanced (or will they?) back in the PRIME studios.

– Prime TV