Alison Mau speaks out over media coverage of personal life 3

Alison Mau has spoken out over recent media interest in her personal life.

Mau called for an end to the invasion of her privacy, describing the situation as “creepy.”

Watch below:



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  1. I was always uncomfortable with the idea that news presenters could also be co-hosts on magazine news shows like Breakfast. While presenting on Breakfast allows the presenter’s image to be ’rounded-out’, it also allows them to turn from being an impartial presenter of news to being a commentators of news. This is not ideal. There should be a separation of the roles.

  2. NZ LAW Р There is no privacy in a public space.
    Hosking v Runting[1995] 1 NZLR 1

    These are public places, and public places have no privacy, no expectation of privacy, and therefore no laws forbidding the taking of photographs. 

    Get over it.

  3. Pippa looks a little uncomfortable but good on Ali, she has every right to her personal life as she is no fame ho and is just doing her job as a tv news person/host and does not seek that kind of attention.